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Vyalis RX Review: Ingredients, Side Effects & Where to Buy

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Vyalis Rx

Vyalis RX is a new male enhancement supplement that is designed to help consumers overcome fatigue and low energy, and enhance performance in the bedroom. Sexual dysfunction is natural at a certain age, and is a huge problem for many men around the world. This new, natural supplement uses ingredients that claim to increase sexual energy, boost stamina, and improve performance to maximize confidence.1

What exactly does Vyalis RX do? Vyalis RX uses natural ingredients and herbal extracts to possibly help boost testosterone, and therefore improve sexual desire and libido. The manufacturer claims that the natural and herbal extracts used bolster blood circulation to the penis, leading to longer, firmer, and harder erections during sexual intercourse, as well as controlled ejaculation and boosted energy. Therefore, users will be able to perform longer and stronger in the bedroom and give desired satisfaction to their partner.1

In this unbiased review of Vyalis RX, we break down what the ingredients of this male enhancement supplement are and the science behind them, what types of results can be expected from use, the possible side effects that may occur, potential results, and where to buy.

Viyalis RX side effects, where to buy vyalis rx
Vyalis RX Ingredients and does vyalic rx work?

Vyalis RX highlights several key ingredients known in the Ayurvedic community to help improve sexual function, libido and confidence.

Vyalis RX Ingredients

The natural ingredients and herbal extracts used in Vyalis RX work to enhance performance in different ways to increase satisfaction in the bedroom.

Boron – A mineral found in many fruits, vegetables and legumes. It is known to regulate the sex steroids in humans, and increase the production of testosterone in men. It is also known to help prevent prostate cancer.2

According to legend, Horny goat weed got its name from a Chinese farmer, who noticed more frisky behavior in his goats after they ate it.12

Saw Palmetto Extract – Saw palmetto is an herbal extract from the fruit of the dwarf palm plant. Research shows it to be a promising treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), as well as prostate cancer prevention. It has also been used in the past to naturally enhance testosterone and libido.3

Orchic Substance – Orchic extract is made from cattle testicles. While new research is being conducted, it has been said to help maintain testicular function, and as a good source of testosterone.

Horny Goat Weed Extract – Horny goat weed, or Epimedium extract, is a popular inclusion in many testosterone and sexual enhancement supplements, and has traditionally been used as an aphrodisiac. Animal studies have shown that it increases blood flow to the genital area, increasing intracavernous pressure and mean arterial pressure.4

Nettle Extract – Also known as stinging nettle, nettle extract has been recently used to treat BPH, helping to relive symptoms like reduced urinary flow, as well as affecting hormones like testosterone in the body.9

Tongkat Ali ExtractEurycoma longifolia is a medicinal plant commonly called Tongkat Ali, and has been traditionally used to boost libido and sex drive. One study has shown that daily supplementation can help to improve mood, reduce stress cortisol levels, and increase testosterone.5

BioPerine – BioPerine is a standardized piperine composition derived from black pepper, and is used to increase the absorption of nutrients in nutritional supplementation formulas. This could allow the key herbal ingredients in Vyalis RX to be absorbed quickly into the bloodstream.10

Vyalis RX Side Effects

Vyalis RX is generally considered safe to use, but some side effects and allergic reactions or sensitivities to the ingredients may occur. Stinging nettle can cause occasional adverse effects such as upset stomach, sweating, or diarrhea. Boron has been shown to be harmful to male fertility in large doses (more that 20mg per day), but in doses below the tolerable limit, no side effects are known.11 This supplement should not be taken by users under 18.

Does Vyalis RX Work?

Tongkat Ali has been shown to help reduce stress cortisol levels, improve testosterone levels, and improve mood.5

Many of the natural ingredients and herbal extracts in Vyalis RX have been shown to boost testosterone levels, increase mood, and help improve male health.

Testosterone increases were recorded in a one week study of boron supplementation in a test group of healthy males, and they were found to have a significant increase in free testosterone and vitamin D.2

Another study in 2012 showed that supplementing 82 individuals for an eight-week period with saw palmetto extract increased their ability to achieve and maintain an erection by 64%, and problems with a lack of sex drive improved by 54%, suggesting a correlation between the extract and improved sexual function.6

Clinical studies on animals of both Tongkat Ali extract and Epimedium have also shown evidence in assisting male erectile dysfunction, testosterone production, and sexual energy. While both studies were administered on test subjects, evidence is promising that these extracts will assist in the treatment of sexual enhancement in males.4,7

With support of these studies, it is likely that Vyalis RX can help improve mood, some sexual function, and confidence, making for a better bedroom experience.

Vyalis RX Reviews

Customer reviews on the Vyalis website are positive, with successful users praising the natural ingredients and herbal extracts. Users have also been quick to praise the fact that it is a dietary supplement available online and does not require a doctor’s prescription. Other online reviews cite some of the same positive points, expressing satisfaction with the easy accessibility and use of herbal extracts.

Where to Buy Vyalis RX and Price

Vyalis RX is exclusively available online through the official website, or other third party retailers such as Amazon or Ebay. Users are also able to try Vyalis, and for the price of shipping will receive a 30-day supply of the product. This allows users to try the product before deciding if they would like to continue using it.

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