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Venus Factor Review: Does The Venus System Work or Is It A Scam?

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The Venus Factor

As one of the most talked about weight loss programs for women, what is the Venus Factor? Created by John Barban, Venus Factor is a diet and exercise system intended to help women improve their metabolism and facilitate healthy weight loss. The program claims to accommodate the needs of everyday women and provide personalized support that can help them improve without requiring them to make unrealistic sacrifices.1

The prospect of significantly improving your health and losing weight without dieting may excite consumers, but is it too good to be true? In this in-depth Venus Factor review, we will examine each part of this system. We will also reveal what some of the latest science has uncovered about some of the key concepts of the Venus Factor plan.

Discover what is the Venus Factor diet plan in this unbiased Venus Factor review

The Venus Factor diet and exercise plan is a 12-week program designed to support weight loss through instruction videos, meal plans and book by John Barban.

How Does Venus Factor Work?

The Venus Factor strategy is a two part program that consists of a diet plan and an exercise regimen. The Venus Factor diet plan is based upon an idea called metabolic override. As noted on the Venus Factor website, metabolic override is accomplished by strategically restricting calorie intake at specific intervals throughout the day. In addition, users ensure they consume foods that are rich in leptin.1

In the United States, over 60% of the adult population is overweight.5

Leptin is a protein and hormone that helps regulate how the body spends energy.2 Low leptin levels have been noted to promote overeating, and can dramatically alter thyroid function, reproductive hormones, immune function and reduce energy expenditure.3 Increasing leptin levels are believed to help suppress appetite and promote weight loss.6

The second part of the Venus Factor consists of a customizable exercise plan, which is designed to use the energy the body is burning more efficiently. Exercising while the body is in a ready state to burn energy is claimed to boost performance and help users achieve better results. Proper timing is therefore a major part of the Venus Factor system.

Venus Factor System :What Does it Include?

The Venus Factor weight loss program includes the following:

  • The Venus Factor book by John Barban, which contains detailed information on the Venus Factor diet and exercise program.
  • A series of Venus Factor workout videos designed to teach participants the correct form for each of the recommended exercises listed in Barban’s book. The Venus Factor workout videos are part of the Venus Factor 12 Week Fat Loss System, which is a customizable plan that participants can adjust to fit their schedules.
  • A collection of the Venus Factor diet recipes, which are designed to support the Venus Factor meal plan by providing suggestions on healthy meals that use leptin-rich foods.
  • Digital versions of the Venus weight loss program, including software like the Venus Factor virtual nutritionist, Venus Factor diet download, and a copy of the Venus Factor ebook.

Does the Venus Factor Work

There is a great deal of excitement surrounding the Venus Factor, but excitement can make some people cautious. To help shed some light on these claims, BHO has investigated the role of leptin to answer the question does Venus Factor work to improve the metabolism and can it support healthy weight loss?

In a 2008 study, researchers investigated the role of leptin on body weight maintenance. They noted that in obese patients, leptin levels fell during periods of weight loss, thereby increasing their appetites. However, replenishing the leptin levels of these patients decreased their cravings for food and allowed them to maintain their weight loss. This helped reduce the risk of “bouncing back” and ruining their progress.5

Preliminary studies suggest that low leptin levels can cause users to desire well-liked foods even when subjects have recently eaten.3

An independent review of the previous study also concluded that leptin could play an important role in sustaining weight loss by fighting the body’s natural tendency to conserve energy during fasting.3 This form of leptin therapy is what Barban refers to as “metabolic override”, the core concept of the Venus diet.

While strenuous, long-term exercise has the potential to reduce leptin levels in humans, targeted short-term exercises have been shown to not affect leptin levels.4 As such, it is possible to work out while maintaining the benefits conferred by higher leptin levels.

According to Barban himself, Venus Factor results will likely vary from one participant to the next. However, it’s worth noting that there is considerable evidence available to back up his claims about leptin and energy usage in humans.

Venus Factor Reviews

For those who are curious to learn about other people’s experiences with the Venus Factor, reviews from numerous participants can be found online. In many reviews of Venus Factor, before and after photos show significant progress. However, Barban is quick to point out that the Venus Factor is not intended to produce drastic results immediately. Furthermore, additional studies linking leptin therapy to significant weight loss have lasted for as long as 24 weeks.6

Venus Factor: Scam or Legitimate?

Many people are suspicious of products or regimens that claim to be able to help them lose weight. Is the Venus factor a hoax, or a legitimate system that women can use to reach their weight loss goals?

Leptin therapy is real and well-documented, but it should not be considered a miracle fat-loss treatment or “body hack”. The Venus Factor system is not designed to cause overnight body transformations. Rather, it is intended to help participants make steady progress with responsible diet and exercise, by using leptin to keep their bodies burning energy efficiently and reduce the food cravings that dieting normally causes.

Where to Buy Venus Factor

Users can buy Venus Factor exclusively online from the Venus Factor website. Buying Venus Factor directly online provides users with access to both digital and physical copies of the complete Venus factor collection. It also allows access to a “customer-only community” where users can discuss their weight loss journey with coaches and other customers.1

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