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Our Commitment to Research

As a trusted consumer resource, the Better Health Organization is committed to keeping our readers informed by providing real scientifically backed information. We conduct our own research to reflect consumer choices, industry trends, and provide a greater understanding of health products, and how we use them.

What Type of Research Do We Conduct?

The aim of our independent research is to address emerging questions in the health product industry, promote education and support the growing interest for healthy lifestyle and dietary choices.

We collect data from our readers, then compile, organize, sort, apply statistics and other analysis’ to make sense of the information. This information is published to provide up-to-date insights on consumer habits; purchasing habits and preferences as it pertains to health products.

Why is Health Product Research Necessary?

Health Products is one of the fastest growing modern markets as consumers demand better nutrition and healthy alternatives while improving convenience. As part of this demand, a growing body of scientific research is required. Further, increased understanding around intended uses, and accessible, trustworthy ingredient information should be readily available to consumers and businesses alike.

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