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Accredited products enjoynumerous benefits

  • Build consumer trust and confidence
  • Generate more sales from our website
  • Boost online conversions and improve marketing copy
  • Inform and update consumers about any product recalls
  • Build brand authority and awareness
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Accredited products enjoy more consumer attention, and signal to consumers that your company, through self regulation strives to:

  • Adhere to all Governmental Laws and regulations
  • Satisfy all product testing requirements required by law
  • Follow all Governmental product claim and advertising requirements
  • Treat customer information in a responsible and secure manner


Any consumable, device, or program that aims to improve consumer health or wellness is eligible for accreditation.

accreditation handshake iconBecause we are an education based health website, we randomly and anonymously purchase products to add to our product database. There is no guarantee that we will purchase your product. We strive to provide the most accurate information to customers about health products, ingredients, and remedies so they may make an informed decision on which product is right for them.

Accredited Health Products May Display Our Seal!

Build ConsumerTrust & Confidence

Inform consumers of any product recalls, including resolutions (if any). You can also share your commitment to quality.

Improve Brand Authority& Awareness

Recognition from reputable sources in your industry lend authority and confidence to the brand. When you take pains to build trust and prove quality, you are rewarded with satisfied customers that will naturally spread the word about your brand.

Improve MarketingCopy Quality

Once you’re registered, you can use your Accredited Health Product Seal in all your marketing copy and images to let your customers know you are committed to transparency and quality.


Trust seals are the leading factor in determining if a consumer trusts a website. When you voluntarily release information for critical review, you demonstrate confidence in your product, which increases consumer confidence in you.


If at any time your Health Product is subject to recall, or a product recall has been successfully completed, you may contact us and we will update your product profile free of charge!

Becoming Accredited is Easy

You’ve already done the work. Now you just have to submit your Health Product for review:


Complete the online accreditation form using our accreditation portal


Pay a one time fee per product. There are no recurring charges for or related to accreditation!


Allow us up to 10 business days to update your profile or add your product to our database

Accreditation only takes a few minutes

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