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Our dedicated team has expanded to also register private label manufacturers. We document any government actions or complaints we’re aware of, which are often swept under the rug by account managers and salesmen. We also bring you important comparative information such as pricing, lead times, testing procedures, site licenses, minimum purchase orders and more.

Starting in 2016, we have started offering our Supplement Analyst Manufacturing Registration. We strongly recommend working with a manufacturer who is Supplement Analyst Registered.

What is Private Label Manufacturing?

Private label manufacturing is the process by which sellers do not own the original formula or product. Instead, the manufacturer owns the product or formula and allows third party companies to market it as their own using their own branding and labeling.

Advantages of Private Labeling

Making the choice to work with a private label manufacturer instead of formulating your own product can be a big decision. However, at Supplement Analyst we believe that using a private label manufacturer can be very beneficial for you and your business. Below are just a few of the many advantages of working with a private label manufacturer:

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A private label manufacturer can save you time and money by offering high quality, proven products with quick turnaround time an low unit costs.

  • Lower startup costs.

    Developing a product from scratch requires extensive up front costs. Hiring a team of scientists to develop and test a new formula is both time consuming and expensive. Fortunately, private label formulas have already gone through this process.

  • Lower unit costs.

    In order to have enough products for all their clients, private label manufacturers produce very large batches at once. Purchasing such large amounts of raw ingredients drastically drives the price down. The unit cost you pay drops because it is much more cost effective to manufacture large batches compared to manufacturing at small scale.

  • Access to high quality products.

    Private label products are usually made in the same facility and are quite often identical to expensive, brand name products. By purchasing from a private label manufacturer you can feel confident knowing that your brand’s product is just as safe and effective as the most popular brands in the same category.

  • Ability to quickly expand your product lines.

    Private label manufacturers usually offer various products that fall under the same category. They may have a variety of nutritional supplements, food products, skin care products or cosmetics. This makes it extremely easy for you to build upon your existing product line.

  • Keep up with customer demand.

    Custom formulas have a much longer lead time than private label products due to having to order and wait for raw materials to arrive. If your inventory is depleting faster than usual, you may not have 2-3 months to wait for a restock. Private label products tend to have extremely quick turnaround, so you never have to worry about losing a potential customer due to lack of inventory.

General Logistics and Role in Supply Chain

Purchasing products from a private label manufacturer can be an extremely simple and hassle free process. Private label manufacturers often have stock of pre-made, ready for sale formulas set aside for clients to purchase. Once you place an order, all that needs to be done is for the manufacturer to apply your brand’s label to the products.

After the products have been labeled with your brand, they must be moved from the manufacturer to a separate location where the units will be distributed. This is usually a fulfillment center. Click Here for a list of Supplement Analyst’s Registered Fulfillment Centers.

Private Label Cosmetics and Makeup

Cosmetics and MakeupPrivate labeling is widely used in the beauty industry. Consumers are very particular about their cosmetics and makeup, so by purchasing a tried and true product from an experienced manufacturer you can feel confident that your customers will be satisfied. A private label cosmetics manufacturer offers any type of cosmetic product your client base is looking for – from basic cosmetics to hypoallergenic, cruelty free and even private label organic cosmetics.

There are many private label cosmetic manufacturers to choose from, some even specialize only in one product, like private label nail polish manufacturers. We recommend working with Supplement Analyst Registered makeup manufacturers and cosmetic manufacturers.

Private Label Skin Care

SkincarePrivate label skin care manufacturers specialize in manufacturing lotions, creams, serums, and body oils. As skin care products are their specialty, private label manufacturers know which types of products and ingredients are best for various skin types. These manufacturers often have experience producing all kinds of skin care items including private label organic skin care products, and products for specific skin sensitivities. By working with the experts in this field, you have the ability to offer your customers high quality products without having to worry about safety or ingredient interactions.

If you’re looking for a Private Label Skin Care manufacturer, choose from our list of Registered Manufacturers below.

Private Label Supplements and Food Manufacturers

Supplements and FoodIn the food and supplement industry, private label food manufacturers are extremely popular. Many private label supplements and food products are even produced in the exact same facility as popular name brand products. Common private label supplements are vitamins, workout supplements and weight loss pills. Working with a private label manufacturer can ensure that your product line is made up of products that have a history of success.

We recommend working with a Supplement Analyst Registered Manufacturer to produce your food or supplement product.

Private Label Products

ProductsThough private labeling tends to be most common in the cosmetic, skin care, food, and supplement industries, it is possible to find private label manufacturers that produce almost any type of product. Private label candles, private label cleaning supplies, private label pet food, and private label clothing are some examples of other private label products.

If you are looking for a private label products, Supplement Analyst always recommends working with a manufacturer that is Supplement Analyst Registered.