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Omega XL Review – Is The Larry King Fish Oil a Scam or Does It Work?

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Omega XL: What Is It?

Omega XL is a potent, natural omega-3 fatty acid supplement that targets joint health. Its oil formula is extracted from Perna Canaliculus, a green-lipped mussel from New Zealand.1 Omega XL capsules are easy to swallow, small, soft-gel capsules, and claim to have no after-taste that is common with regular fish capsules.

Great HealthWorks, the company behind Omega XL, chose this mussel oil extract due to claims that this oil contains 22 times more omega-3 fatty acids compared to standard fish oil, such as anchovy and krill oil.1 Omega XL claims New Zealand has the cleanest waters on earth, and their joint health supplement is a leading competitor for reducing inflammation and improving long-term mobility.1

Does Omega XL really work? In this Omega XL review, we’ve analyzed studies behind Omega XL’s ingredient health claims, other consumer reviews, side effects, and cost to determine the overall effectiveness of this natural joint pain supplement.

Omega XL dosage, instructions, and side effects

Omega XL is an omega-3 supplement that is made from mussel meat instead of fish oil.

Omega XL ingredients and supplement facts

Mussel oil is supposed to have 22 times the amount of omega-3 fatty acids than regular fish oil.1

Larry King Fish Oil

Larry King is the official spokesperson for Omega 3 XL products.1 Larry King has endorsed Omega XL fish oil on specialized television programs, performing in depth interviews with the product manufacturers, clinical research specialists, and other users.7 Regarding his own use, he states that the product was revolutionary for helping his joints, completely removing joint pain in the mornings, and mentions that the small soft capsules were easy to swallow.7 The CEO of Great HealthWorks stated he wanted Larry King to try the product and, if it worked for him, endorse it, because “what [Larry King] say[s], people listen to.”7

Omega XL Ingredients

The Omega XL ingredients label lists a patented, proprietary blend of Green Lipped Mussel Oil Extract (PCSO-524). The Omega XL label states the product is free of shellfish protein, artificial ingredients, dairy, yeast, corn, and gluten to support individuals with dietary allergies. The following Omega XL supplement facts are based on 2 soft gel Omega XL tablets:

Omega XL Proprietary Blend- 300 mg

Omega-3 Fatty Acids – Dietary Omega-3 fatty acids are crucial for supporting the nervous system, cognitive health, and reducing inflammation throughout the body.2 Marine oils, such as Green Mussel, are most potent for delivering EPA and DHA, which have been proven to alleviate joint pain symptoms and reduce the risk of developing Rheumatoid arthritis.2,3

“I get up in the morning to put on my socks, to bend over and put them on, I used to have this pain. I don’t have it anymore.” – Larry King1

Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Monounsaturated olive oil has been studied extensively for its ability to reduce chronic inflammation and prevent inflammatory diseases, including degenerative joint diseases.4 Olive oil contains a phenolic compound called oleocanthal, which produces a similar anti-inflammatory effect to ibuprofen.4

Vitamin E – Vitamin E is commonly taken alongside other supplements to increase mineral absorption in the body, and clinical studies show this vitamin has positive anti-inflammatory properties.5 However, research is still being done to confirm that the addition of vitamin E alone reduces joint pain symptoms when taken with fish oil supplements.6

Omega XL Dosage & Instructions

According to the manufacturer, Omega XL pills are taken in dosages of 2 capsules per day. It is best to take the capsules in the morning to increase mobility throughout the day. While omega-3 fatty acids are good for your health in general, when taking Omega XL for pain, users can expect varying results in 4 to 6 weeks of continuous use.1

Omega XL does not use mussel protein in their supplement, making it safe for those with a shellfish allergy. However, you should still consult your doctor before using if you have a severe shellfish allergy.1

One of the promoted advantages of Omega XL compared to other fish oil pills is the small size of the capsule., however, some people have difficulty swallowing pills. Omega XL recommends piercing the capsule with a sterilized needle and mixing it into food or drink if this is a problem. Anyone with a sensitive stomach should take Omega XL with food. It is recommended to consult your medical health care professional before taking Omega XL, or any other supplements, when you are taking medications.

Omega XL Side Effects

Is Omega XL safe? While, Omega XL side effect symptoms are not listed on the company website, it is recommended to take the supplement with food if you have a sensitive stomach.1 Consumer reviews on Omega XL side effects, however, are quite mixed. Omega XL complaints by users include stomach problems, such as bloating and gas. Another reported Omega XL side effect include skin rashes, as well as poor interaction with regular diets.

While Great HealthWorks states that the Omega XL supplement does not trigger shellfish allergies because the protein is removed from the product, individuals with food allergies or chronic health problems should consult a doctor prior to using Omega XL.1

Omega XL: Scam or Not?

Does Omega XL work? Many user reviews of Omega XL complain they suspect the dosage potency is not high enough to result in significant health improvements. However, studies have shown results can take 4 to 6 weeks of continuous use to appear, suggesting that users simply have not waited long enough to see results, not that it is a scam product.

Larry King is only 1 of 5 celebrity endorsers for Omega XL. Tony Dovolani, a dance instructor known for Dancing with the Stars, is another.

Omega XL states there is over 30 years of research on the patented oil complex to support their claims and ingredients.1 So to answer the question, Omega XL – does it work? As the ingredients found in Omega XL are supported by scientific research to help with joint pain and inflammation, there is no reason to believe this product would not work.

Omega XL Reviews

Is Omega XL good for pain? The reviews on Omega XL are mixed. They have several paid endorsers, including Larry King, Tony Dovolani and Blair Underwood, and are able to fill their promotional videos with a large number of customer testimonials. Other reviews for Omega XL from various other websites claim that after supplementing for several months, their joints felt more lubricated, and feelings of stiffness decreased. While not supported by studies, some reviews report that one of the related benefits of Omega XL is better sleep, as revealed by some elder consumers (most likely due to their reduced joint pain). The main complaint among the less positive Omega XL consumer reviews is that a higher dosage of up to 3-6 pills should be taken to notice results, making the product not as cost effective.

Omega XL Price

How much does Omega XL cost? The price of Omega XL is roughly $60 plus shipping and handling. One bottle of Omega XL contains 60 soft gel capsules, which makes up 30 servings, or a one month supply.  If you purchase from the website, you can sometimes find special offers, like 2-for-1 introductory specials.1

Where to Buy Omega XL

Is Omega XL sold in stores? You will not find Omega XL in stores such as GNC, Wal Mart or CVS. If you want to try Omega XL, you must order online. You can find third party retailers on Amazon, however, its recommended that you purchase directly from the manufacturers website to guarantee quality, and also to take advantage of any special offers. Currently, Great HealthWorks ships Omega XL to the United States and Canada, however, you can request shipping to other countries using instructions on their online order form.

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