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NO2 Maximus Review – Side Effects, Ingredients & Does it Work?

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What is NO2 Maximus?

Distributed by MacDougal Nutrition Ltd., NO2 Maximus is a nitric oxide supplement claimed to enhance muscle pumps, increase strength, help build lean muscle mass, boost endurance and reduce recovery time.1

Made in the U.S.A., NO2 Maximus contains three scientifically-researched ingredients in a convenient, portable format. Are these three, scientifically-researched ingredients the key to enhanced muscle pumps? Find out if NO2 Maximus is worth your time and money in our unbiased, NO2 Maximus review.

NO2 Maximux review
NO2 Maximus ingredients

NO2 Maximus contains three scientifically researched ingredients that have been shown to increase NO production and endurance.

NO2 Maximus Ingredients

NO2 Maximus combines three active ingredients designed to boost nitric oxide production in the body. Below, BHO explains the latest science behind each ingredient and how they may work to benefit your athletic performance.

L-Arginine HCL: 1500 mg –Arginine is a conditionally essential amino acid which contributes to protein synthesis, growth hormone secretion, promotes nitric oxide production and the formation of creatine.2,3 Increased levels of nitric oxide may improve blood flow, increase the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to muscles and give users enhance pumps in the gym. L-arginine is synthetically bonded to hydrochloride to produce an anionic salt.4 This form is clamed to increase absorption.

L-Arginine (Alpha Ketoglutarate): 1500 mg – Alpha ketoglutarate (AKG) is the nitrogen-free portion of glutamine and is considered useful for maintaining cell growth and repairing injured muscle tissues.5 While AKG administered through intravenous has been shown to speed healing and reduce muscle wasting, no studies have investigated the effects of oral supplementation on muscle repair or protein synthesis in healthy indidividuals.5

Citrulline Malate: 498 mg – L-citrulline is a conditionally essential amino acid known for increasing energy, improving muscular endurance and boosting circulation.  In the body, citrulline’s properties promote increased ammonia recycling process, which in turn, can increase nitric oxide metabolism and possibly reduce muscle soreness.

How to Use NO2 Maximus

As per the NO2 Maximus directions, on training days users should take three capsules in the morning and three in the afternoon on an empty stomach. It’s recommended to drink at least 64 ounces of water each day while taking NO2 Maximus. 1 No information is provided for optimal dose on non-training days.

NO2 Maximus Side Effects

While many of the ingredients used in the NO2 Maximus formula are naturally occurring, there is still the possibility that they can cause adverse reactions or interact with medication.

Citrulline appears to be generally safe and well tolerated by human up to doses of 15 g, much higher than the dose used in NO2 Maximus.7 To date, there are no well-known interactions or side effects of alpha ketoglutarate.5 Arginine is considered possibly safe for most people, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine. However, some users may still experience minor side effects such as bloating, upset stomach, abdominal pain, diarrhea, low blood pressure or worsening of allergies.3

NO2 Maximus Results

As NO2 Maximus isn’t sold in popular supplement retailers and has limited customer testimonials, many users may wonder ‘does NO2 Maximus work?’

Based on a review of current scientific studies, the quantity of ingredients, and limited consumer reviews, BHO has identified the projected results for NO2 Maximus.

Standard pre-workout doses for arginine often range between 3-6 g.

With two sources of arginine, users may feel moderately improved circulation and slight vasodilation. Some studies have noted improvements by supplementing with 3 g of arginine.

Citrulline has been noted to delay fatigue and improve endurance, successful clinical doses have started at 6 g, significantly more than the 498 mg used in the NO2 Maximus formula. In the body, NO2 Maximus is likely to improve ammonia recycling and promote nitric oxide (N.O.) production. If users are training, consuming enough protein and taking NO2 Maximus, this supplement may help support muscle growth with increased training.

On its website, NO2 Maximus doesn’t advertise any independent certifications, awards or athlete endorsements. These factors add credibility to a product, particularly when it’s sold online. However, their absence does not make NO2 Maximus a scam or ineffective.

Where to Buy NO2 Maximus

NO2 Maximus is exclusively available online and can be shipped to the U.S., Canada, Ireland, the U.K., Australia and New Zealand.1

For the price of shipping and handling, users receive a full 30-day supply of the product, and can try it before deciding if they would like to continue using it.

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