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Natural Pure CBD Review – Ingredients, Side Effects & Where to Buy

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Natural Pure CBD

Natural Pure CBD is one of the newest cannabinoid based supplements to hit the health and wellness scene. It is marketed as having a high absorption rate and as being scientifically formulated to achieve results.1 So, what is Natural Pure CBD, exactly?

The belief behind the supplement is that it provides the same benefits as medical marijuana, without the “high”, prescription, doctor’s appointments, or the possibility of failing a drug test. This is because Natural Pure CBD doesn’t include THC.1 THC is the psychotropic element in cannabis which causes users to feel “high”.7

According to the website, Natural Pure CBD helps to relieve anxiety, promote healthier bones, and moderate blood sugar levels. The company suggests that using Natural Pure CBD will promote an overall healthier lifestyle, and that the product is safe and legal to use in all 50 U.S. states.1

In this unbiased review, you will learn more about the Natural Pure CBD supplement, the main active ingredient which provides these anti-anxiety effects, and whether the science behind it supports the claims. We will also discuss the safety and toxicology of CBD, where to buy this new supplement, and what current users are saying about Natural Pure CBD.

Natural Pure CBD oil capsules review and cbd oil results
Pure Med CBD ingredients and where to buy pure bed cbd capsules

The key ingredient in Natural Pure CBD is cannabidiol, a compound found in the cannabis plant.

Natural Pure CBD Oil Ingredients

Natural Pure CBD is marketed as being organic, safe, and made with no harmful synthetic ingredients.1 The main active ingredient in this product is called cannabidiol, or CBD. While the Natural Pure CBD website doesn’t include the amount of cannabidiol used in each capsule, there is evidence that CBD is effective in helping treat anxiety, blood sugar levels, and bone health. For anxiety, CBD has been found effective in doses of up to 20mg.

Cannabidiol – Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound found in the cannabis plant. Unlike its famous counter part, THC, it is not psychoactive. It has been shown to have anti-arthritic, anti-anxiety, and anti-diabetic properties without changing mood, hunger, or mental alertness, like other cannabis products containing THC can.2,3,4

Natural Pure CBD Capsules Directions

Bottles of Natural Pure CBD contain 30 capsules, and the manufacture lists this amount as a 30-day supply. Users should take one capsule each day.

Natural Pure CBD Side Effects

While most users report experiencing no side effects, some may experience a reaction due to ingredient allergies or sensitivities. Possible adverse effects include weight loss or gain, changes in sleeping patterns and fatigue, or diarrhea.6 It is recommended that you discontinue use until consulting a medical professional if you experience any allergic reactions to the product. Individuals who already take other prescription medications shouldn’t use Natural Pure CBD without speaking to a medical professional.

Natural Pure CBD Reviews

User reviews on Natural Pure CBD have been generally positive. Satisfied users like the product for its affordability, quick shipping time, and convenient online availability.  A common theme in user reviews is the relief of anxiety related symptoms without the high associated with other cannabinoid based products. One online reviewer expressed a positive experience with a lack of side effects during and after use. Another user review mentioned that they were happy at Natural Pure’s ability to pass drug testing, as it made the supplement a safe option for anxiety sufferers in any profession.

Does Natural Pure CBD Work?

There are several trials and studies that show CBD to be an effective treatment for anxiety, arthritis, and damage caused by diabetes.

An animal study, published in 1990, tested the anti-anxiety effects of cannabidiol. After testing subjects on doses of 2.5mg, 5.0mg, and 10.0mg of CBD, they found it to have calming anxiolytic effects. After 20.0mg, it was no longer effective.3

A later 1993 study on human patients was published on the effects of a treatment of either cannabidiol, diazepam (an anxiety medication), ipsapirone (an antidepressant), or a placebo. 40 patients were split into groups of 10 and evaluated with two separate anxiety tests following treatment. The CBD group decreased anxiety significantly, proving itself an alternative anxiolytic option to prescription medications.5

One study showed that CBD significantly reduced anxiety when given to subjects before a simulated public speaking event.

In 2000, another animal study tested oral administrations of CBD on subjects with collagen-induced arthritis. Not only was the research team successful in proving the usefulness of CBD as an anti-arthritic medication, they also proved it to have anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive properties.2

A scientific study published in 2009 examined the effects of CBD on animal subjects with diabetes. The subjects were non-obese sufferers of diabetes, and were tested with an oral dose of CBD. Results indicated that CBD slowed, and significantly reduced damage caused by insulitis and inflammation, and was successful in the treatment of diabetes.4

Based on the results of these studies, it is likely that Natural Pure CBD can help reduce symptoms of everyday stress and anxiety, regulate symptoms associated with diabetes, and strengthen bones and reduce risks of arthritis.

Where to Buy Natural Pure CBD

Natural Pure CBD is available exclusively online through the official website. For the cost of shipping and handling, the Natural Pure website offers new customers a 30 day supply allowing them to try the product before deciding if they would like to continue using it.

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