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Muscle XTX Review – Price, Side Effects & Ingredients – Does it Work?

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Muscle XTX

For users interested in boosting testosterone naturally and improving their overall body composition, one of the latest trial supplements on the market today claims to do just that.

Made in the USA, the Muscle XTX supplement is designed to provide testosterone support, promote a healthy body composition, and naturally boost muscle growth and strength. Using natural ingredients and packaged in an easy to take format, there have been few negative side effects reported.

With no official company website and few customer testimonials, is this product too good to be true? Find out if Muscle XTX is worth your time and money in our unbiased, Muscle XTX review.

Muscle XTX Reviews
Muscle XTX ingredients

Muscle XTX’s proprietary formula makes it hard to know the exact amount of each active ingredient which helps determine effectiveness.

Muscle XTX Ingredients

Marketed as a testosterone booster, Muscle XTX contains eight active ingredients in a proprietary blend.

Calcium: 44.28 mg – Calcium is the most plentiful mineral found in the human body. Calcium is required for vasodilation, proper muscle contraction, hormone secretion, bone, and teeth formation.2

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Horny Goat Weed – Used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for over 1,000 years, horny goat weed is an herb claimed to improve sexual function and behavior in men.3  One study has noted that when dialysis patients took 15 g of horny goat weed daily, they experienced improved sex drive and reduced symptoms of erectile dysfunction.3

Tongkat Ali Extract – Thought to be a natural aphrodisiac, tongkat ali has been used to boost testosterone levels and improve male health.4  In vitro studies have noted that tongkat ali may have anti-estrogen properties and increase testosterone.6,11

Proprietary formulas can often seem deceptive to customers, as there is no way of knowing the specific amounts of each ingredient, but it does protect the brand from other companies trying to replicate their formula.

Saw Palmetto Extract – A popular alternative treatment for an enlarged prostate, saw palmetto helps control prostate size in patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and may also be effective for treating urinary conditions.5  Saw palmetto has also been marketed to help low sex drive and sperm counts.5

Orchic Substance – Made from cattle or wild boar testicles, orchic substance is claimed to contain various vitamins and nutrients that boost human testosterone and sperm counts.4

Wild Yam Extract – Used by herbalists for hundreds of years, wild yam contains diosgenin, a compound that acts like estrogen and progesterone in animals and can be converted into steroids in a lab.7 To date, one small study indicated that increasing dietary intake of yams may improve levels of sex hormones, such as testosterone.8

Nettle Extract – Also known as stinging nettle, this plant has anti-inflammatory properties that may help reduce pain and has traditionally been used to improve male health.9 Despite claims of being able to boost testosterone, no scientific research has supported these claims. In patients with BPH, nettle extract may help reduce the size of the prostate without effecting hormones.9

Boron – A trace mineral, boron helps maintain strong bones, cognitive functions, and muscle coordination.10

Muscle XTX Directions

As indicated on the label, users should take two capsules of Muscle XTX 30 minutes prior to exercising. Muscle XTX supplement can be taken 1-2 times daily.

Muscle XTX Side Effects

While the Muscle XTX website does not list any side effects associated with taking Muscle XTX supplements, it’s possible that these ingredients may cause some adverse reactions. Based upon current scientific research, BHO has compiled a list of possible side effects that users may experience if they consume this supplement.

While calcium is generally thought to be safe and well tolerated by humans, common side effects of calcium supplementation include mild upset stomach, gas, or bloating.2 Nettle leaf has also been reported to sometimes cause a mild upset stomach, sweating, fluid retention, or diarrhea.12 Saw palmetto contains tannic acids, which bind to iron in the body and depending on the dose, may reduce the absorption of iron.5 As this ingredient is part of a proprietary blend, there is no way of knowing the dosage, and if the product will cause this side effect. Considered a rare side effect, one case study has reported that taking horny goat weed and gingko biloba resulted in a skin rash.13

Muscle XTX contains an unknown amount of boron, a trace mineral humans only require small doses of. Chronic supplementation of doses of more than 20 mg, the upper tolerable limit for adults, may influence a man’s ability to father a child.10 No research has been conducted on the toxicity of orchic substance or horny goat weed to establish toxicity or a full range of side effects.4,12

Does Muscle XTX Work?

Considering the ingredients used, a review of current scientific studies, and consumer reviews, below are the projected results for Muscle XTX.

To date, most of the ingredients used in Muscle XTX have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine where herbs are often combined, making difficult to decipher which compounds may be responsible for any change. A large majority of the ingredients have not been rigorously tested in well-designed, peer-reviewed studies. Existing trials predominately focus on infertile men, with little research conducted on men with healthy sperm counts, libido or sexual function.

In a study conducted on infertile men, 200 mg of tongkat ali was taken to improve male fertility. After nine months, sperm concentration increased by 65%. For some men, long term supplementation may act as a pro-fertile agent.15 Tongkat ali also has a growing amount of in vitro studies to support anti-estrogen claims. In the body, tongkat ali may help regulate estrogen levels, and in turn benefit male health.6,11 Men with BPH, or enlarged prostates have used nettle extract as an alternative treatment with some success. Clinical results show that this ingredient can regulate prostate size without distorting testosterone levels, and may help promote overall prostate health.12

Where Can I Buy Muscle XTX?

The Muscle XTX supplement are exclusively available online. Searches for Muscle XTX GNC, or for any other major supplement retailer will not return any results.

However, users may be able to find Muscle XTX on sites such as Ebay or Amazon. BHO recommends being cautious if you decide to purchase re-sold products as they as they may be expired, opened, or tampered with.

Muscle XTX Price

For the price of shipping and handling, users receive a full 30-day supply of the product, and can try it before deciding if they would like to continue using it.

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