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Lyfe Tea Review: Will this 28 Day Teatox Help with Weight Loss?

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Lyfe Tea

Losing unwanted fats is never easy, especially if one has a busy lifestyle. This is where Lyfe Tea comes in. Lyfe Tea takes pride in helping customers improve their quality of life by choosing the healthy lifestyle.1 Lyfe Tea offers a range of supplements and teatoxes (a tea-based detox product) designed to help users successfully get rid of fat while improving overall wellness.1 The company also offers a Lyfe Tea meal plan that can help you prepare healthy meals at home.3 Other products of Lyfe Tea include Detox Kit, 28 Day #Babe Bag Bundle, 14 Day Teatox, 14 Day #Babe Bug Bundle, 14 Day Teatox & KX3 Combo, Matcha, Shaker Bottles, Coffee Scrubs, and many more.4 The goal of the Lyfe program is to guide customers in eliminating wasteful toxins in their bodies.

Lyfe Tea Reviews

Lyfe Tea ingredients

Lyfe Tea ingredients

Both the Morning and the Detox Lyfe tea feature a proprietary blend of herbal extracts designed to help users boost their metabolism and promote weight loss.

28-Day Teatox

Voted Best Detox Tea of 2016, the 28 day Teatox is the latest product of Lyfe Tea that took the internet by storm. The 28 day Teatox is one of the most popular supplements that Lyfe Tea offers. Intended for detoxing, controlling weight, increasing energy levels and boosting mood, Lyfe Tea is a two-step program.2 With thousands of positive customer reviews, and several notable celebrity endorsements (including Kylie Jenner), Lyfe Tea’s 28-day detox is intended to cleanse your body and help you accomplish your weight loss objectives naturally.2 Every order of Lyfe Tea’s 28-day Teatox tea contains a 28-day supply of Morning Lyfe Tea and Evening Detox Lyfe Tea, which are made with natural ingredients.

Lyfe Tea Ingredients

If you are wondering if the weight loss tea detox is right for you, knowing the Teatox ingredients will help you understand more about the product and eliminate any worries you might have. In this unbiased review, we break down exactly what is in the 28-day detox tea.

Morning Lyfe Tea

According to the website, the Morning Lyfe Tea contains a proprietary blend of traditional herbs. This product is crafted to improve digestion and eliminate toxins released from fat cells.1 Listed below are the key ingredients and how they work.

Green Tea – Consumption of caffeine and catechins, which are both contained in green tea, are claimed to have a small but statistically significant effect in improving metabolism.5 This may result in weight loss.

Yerba Mate – Also known as Ilex paraguariensis, this herb is believed to have fat-loss and anti-atherogenic (preventing an abnormal fatty formation in an artery) properties. Combined with other healthy lifestyle strategies, researchers believe that the regular consumption of yerba mate may help enhance metabolic health and improve weight-loss outcomes.6

Guarana – Guarana, or Paullinia cupana, has been noted to play a significant role in short-term fat and weight loss.7

In a separate study, guarana was also noted to have potent antioxidant properties.8

Lemon Peel – In recent years, researchers have discovered that lemon peel has a significant impact on insulin, glucose, lipid profile, and body weight gain.9 It may help with weight maintenance and reduction of fat accumulation through improvement of metabolism.

Ginger RootZingiber officinale, or ginger root, is a plant native to Asia and has been a well-known herbal medicine for decades.10 Apart from reducing cholesterol, ginger may be used to help with digestion and help additionally relax the intestinal tract.10

Moringa – Moringa is a multi-purpose plant that is widely used due to its anti-oxidant and hypoglycemic effects.11 It is claimed that it helps with insulin resistance, weight loss, and lower fat accumulation.

Lyfe Tea Detox Tea

Also known as the “Evening Tea,” the Lyfe Detox Tea also contains a proprietary blend rich in antioxidants, which claims to help remove unwanted toxins in your body. Detox tea ingredients include:

Senna Leaf – Senna has several species and they are well-known as a traditional remedy for constipation. Recently, researchers observed that senna leaves have laxative and intestinal motility effects.12 Thus, it may improve the waste removal process in the body and play a role in reaching weight loss goals.

Senna Pods – The seed pods of the senna plant are also believed to have laxative activity, which is useful for constipation.13 When used in teas, it may help support weight loss and for bowel cleansing.

Dandelion Leaf – Dandelion leaves have health-supporting compounds and essential nutrients. Studies show that it has a significant antioxidant effect, which may help fight potentially harmful free radicals in the body.14

Chamomile has been used as a traditional remedy since Ancient Egyptian times.15

Chamomile – Also known as Matricaria chamomilla, chamomile is an important medicinal herb with a variety of uses. It is commonly used for sluggish digestion and for improving the flow of gastric secretion.15

Nettle Leaf – Nettle leaves are claimed to be beneficial to urinary health.16 While nettle leaf has not been researched for its weight reduction benefits, nettle leaf has been used as a diuretic to support fluid reduction in the body.

Skinny Tea Directions

To achieve your desired results, it is important to fully understand how to use detox tea. For the Morning Tea:

Step 1: Boil 8oz of water until it is close to boiling (not lukewarm).
Step 2: Remove from heat, then put one Lyfe Tea Morning Tea Bag into the water for about 2 to 10 minutes.
Step 3: Enjoy your drink. Add a natural sweetener to enhance the flavor.
Step 4: For more energy, increase steeping time.

For the Evening Tea:
Step 1: Boil 8oz of water until bubbles appear from the bottom of the container to the top.
Step 2: Remove from heat once the water reaches a rolling boil
Step 3: Put one Lyfe Tea Evening Tea Bag into the water for only 1 minute. When just starting out, do not exceed steeping time.
Step 4: Slowly increase steeping time as preferred for a more thorough detox.

Users are instructed to use both teas every day to feel energized, rid their body of toxins, and reach their target weight. To avoid dehydration, it is advisable to drink lots of water.

Lyfe Tea Side Effects

While the Lyfe Tea does not mention any side effects, individual ingredients may cause minor side effects in some users.

Senna, for instance, may cause abdominal pain and diarrhea. This is the reason products with senna pods or senna leaves should be used with caution. However, researchers note that there is no strong evidence that long-term use of senna will alter normal bowel function.18

Lyfe Tea Results

Does Lyfe Tea really work? In a 2007 study, researchers observed that green tea extract has a significant body fat reducing effect, especially when normal physical activity and strict dietary intake are maintained.17

Catechins in green tea have also been noted to positively affect energy and fat metabolism.17

In a 2017 study, yerba mate was compared against a placebo for its effect on mood, satiety and metabolic rate during exercise. Yerba mate was taken 120 minutes before performing a 30-minute cycle targeted at ‘fat-loss’ intensities. While there was no significant difference in time, researchers noted that participants who supplemented with yerba mate had improved moods and satiety, or feelings of fullness, compared to a placebo group.2 While these studies were not conducted on the Lyfe Tea detox, weight loss and satiety improvements noted for individual ingredients in the formula provide promising results.

Lyfe Tea Reviews

In addition, there are a number of positive Lyfe Tea reviews from users who have shared their detox tea before and after photos. They claim the 28-day Teatox helped boost energy levels, suppress appetite, and promote a feeling of fullness.2 With this detox tea, weight loss may be supported when it is used correctly. Performing regular physical activity and eating clean are recommended to increase overall results.

Where to Buy Lyfe Tea Detox

Wondering where to buy detox tea? If you are planning to try Lyfe Tea, Amazon might be the first thing that would come to your mind, as there is currently no detox tea in stores. For a wide selection of Lyfe Tea products, it is best to visit the Lyfe Tea website, as they offer additional discounts for those looking to buy weight loss tea. In fact, new users get up to 15% off for signing up for their email list. A one-time purchase of 28 Day Teatox is $55.95. To save almost $10 per 28 Day Teatox, users can sign up for the auto refill program.

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