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It Works Wraps Review: Side Effects, Ingredients & Does It Work?

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While some modern beauty treatments take advantage of cutting-edge technology, others find their roots in ancient times. Body wraps are an excellent example of an ancient treatment that has been re-interpreted by modern practitioners. Body wrapping was first performed by Ancient Egyptians, who wrapped the body in herbs and resin for preservation. Nowadays, modern spas use herb-soaked sheets along with ingredients like mud and clay to reinvigorate the skin or as part of treatments for weight loss, circulation, and anti-aging.

It Works Wraps

It Works body wraps are produced by the It Works Global brand, a wellness company that sells skin and body products and nutritional supplements. On the official It Works body wraps website, the wrap is referred to as the “Ultimate Body Applicator” and “Body Contouring Wrap”. These wraps are non-woven cloths infused with a botanically-based formula that includes oils, natural extracts, and various other compounds. The manufacturers claim that this body wrap has several benefits, such as tightening, toning, and firming the skin, minimizing the appearance of cellulite, and improving skin texture and tightness.1

Online, It Works body wraps reviews are mixed. Some users of the product report that they saw no results, while others report that they could see signs of tighter skin after a few wrap sessions. When looking for It Works reviews, make sure to scan for comments from real end users, as there are also reviews by reps who market It Works products online and in person as part of It Works Global’s multi-level marketing program. In this review, Better Health Organization takes a detailed look into the science behind the ingredients, side effects, costs, if it works, cost and where to buy.

It Works Wraps reviews and testimonials

The It Works Body wraps are designed to be used on multiple different body parts, including stomach, thighs, arms and neck.

It Works Body Wraps Ingredients, does it works really work?

It Works body wraps include almost 40 ingredients, including rosemary leaf extract and other oils to help tighten, tone and firm skin.

It Works Body Wraps Ingredients

The It Works body wraps ingredients list is extensive, using almost 40 ingredients. Included in this expansive list are extracts, oils and other compounds meant to help tighten, tone, and firm skin.

Green Tea Extract- The topical application of green tea polyphenols before UV exposure has been shown to produce anti-aging effects on the skin.3

Photoaging is the premature aging of the skin due to cumulative exposure to UV rays, and is different from the inevitable effects of chronological aging.4

Retinyl Palmitate – A member of the retinoid family, Retinyl Palmitate has been studied widely for its role in the cellular aging processes. Scientific evidence shows that topical Retinyl application can increase skin thickness and diminish the effects of photoaging on the skin.4

Rosemary Leaf Oil – A member of the family Lamiaceae, rosemary oil and its relatives (basil, sage) have been studied for their ability to rid the skin of free radicals caused by exposure to pollutants and UV radiation, which may diminish damage of skin cell membranes.6

Jojoba Seed Oil –This oil has long been used for skin treatment and is used on a variety of skin conditions including infections, aging, and wound healing. Jojoba has been shown to have an anti-inflammatory effect, and can also be used to enhance the absorption of topical drugs.7

Guarana Seed Extract – Guarana contains a large amount of caffeine, which has been shown in test studies to promote the elimination of sunburn cells in topical applications.5

Viscoelastic materials are both viscous and elastic under stress. The elastic property of skin allows it to stretch quickly, while the viscoelastic, fluid components of the skin allow for slower, greater expansion.9

Centella asiatica Leaf Extract – Research provides evidence that this extract can cause an improvement of the viscoelastic and hydration properties of the skin. This may be due to the extract’s antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and UV protective properties.6

The formula also includes several other plant extracts, including Bladderwrack Thalle Extract, Ivy Leaf Extract, Horsetail Leaf/Stem Extract, and Butcher’s Broom Root Extract. In general, these bioactive plant compounds provide nutrients for healthy skin as rich sources of vitamins, antioxidants, essential oils, and proteins.8

It Works Body Wraps Instructions

If you’ve never used a body wrap before, you may be wondering how to use It Works body wraps. On their product sheet, the It Works Body Wrap Instructions say to apply the wrap to the area of your choice (such as the abdomen, back, sides, legs, arms, or buttocks) and leave on for 45 minutes. Afterwards, remove and discard. Instructions direct users to repeat this same process after 72 hours with a new wrap.

It Works also sells a product called Fab Wrap, a soft foam wrap that you can use to help fit It Works body wraps firmly against your skin. These are sold separately in rolls; $5.00 for 82 feet.2

It Works Body Wraps Side Effects

Common It Works body wraps complaints include a temporary rash—It Works explains that users who develop a rash should drink up to half their body weight (in pounds) in fluid ounces of water daily and see a physician if the rash persists.1

It Works sells a wide range of products from Body Wraps, to Health Supplements, Skin Care Products and even Essential Oils.

Some It Works wrap reviews express concern that the real dangers of It Works body wraps lie in dehydration, claiming that the product causes water loss. While no studies have been conducted on It

Works wraps, best practices from the manufacturer are to drink plenty of water to achieve best results.
Because the wraps contain so many ingredients, it’s possible to have a negative response or allergic reaction to any number of ingredients in the wrap. To avoid any negative, It Works body wrap side effects, they recommend that you check with a physician before using the wraps, especially if you have a medical condition, health concern, or are taking prescription medicine.1

Does It Works Really Work?

The results still leave us wondering – do It Works wraps really work? While there are no clinical studies on the wraps themselves that can give us an answer, research provides evidence that many of the ingredients included in the wrap have beneficial effects on the skin. Many of the ingredients exhibit anti-photoaging properties, antioxidizing effects, dermal thickening properties, and general skin-nourishing benefits.3,4,5,6,7,8

It Works Body Wraps Reviews

So, do It Works wraps work? If you’ve seen any of the It Works body wraps before and after images online, results may seem too good to be true. Most images show users who have used the wrap to reduce the appearance of fat, wrinkles, or loose skin around the belly—and from these it appears that using a wrap even once may result in visible improvements.

Purchasing from an It Works Body Wraps Distributor

You can purchase It Works wraps online or through a local rep. There may be a benefit of buying through a rep, as they are likely able to provide incentives or rewards with your purchase. This is also a good option if you’re curious about the company’s other wellness products (It Works Greens, weight loss supplements, skin treatments, etc), as a local rep should be knowledgeable, and can possibly demo the products, offer samples, and extend any special pricing incentives.

It Works Body Wraps Prices

The question “how much is It Works body wraps?” does not have a straightforward answer. On the official website, the Ultimate Body Applicator wraps sell for $59.00 for a 4-pack, with a note that they retail for $99.00. Wraps are also included in various combo packs that range from $69.00 to $179.00 (retail $115.00 to $299.00).

You can go to other places online to buy It Works body wraps—eBay, for example, offers a variety of ways to purchase the wraps, from single wraps to large packs that include various It Works products. Here, prices from vendors can vary from the more expensive $15.00 per wrap to the less expensive $20.00 for a pack of four.

Common It Works Body Wraps Questions

Because body wraps are a unique product, using them is not always completely straightforward. Below we have answered some of the most common questions that come from potential It Works Body Wrap customers.

Are There Any It Works Wraps Reviews by Doctors?

While there are reviews of this product on various wellness blogs, it does not appear that there are any reviews of It Works Wraps by doctors.

Can You Work Out with a Body Wrap On?

While it shouldn’t do any harm, working out with an It Works Body Wrap on could loosen it or cause it to shift around, possibly making it less effective. For this reason, it is not recommend to work out with a body wrap on.

Does It Works Body Wraps Expire?

Yes: they have a one-year shelf-life. Note also that wraps must be used immediately once their package has been opened to prevent them from drying out.1

Can You Use It Works Body Wraps While Breastfeeding?

Using It Works body wraps and breastfeeding is not recommended. The It Works product page also advises that the wraps are not intended for use during pregnancy.1

Will It Works Body Wraps on Thighs Work?

The wraps are designed for various parts of the body, including the legs, abdomen, back, sides, arms, and buttocks.1

How Long Can You Leave It Works Body Wrap On?

Instructions say to leave them on for 45 minutes, but you may also wear a body wrap overnight as you sleep (as long as it’s not your first time using the wrap, as the prolonged exposure may have adverse effects for someone with a skin sensitivity).1

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