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Hydrologica Review – Side Effects, Where to Buy, & Does it Really Work?

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By the year 2030, individuals 65 years or older are expected to make up 20% of the United States population. In dermatology, as a growing population begins to age, the race is one to improve and perfect various anti-wrinkle and anti-aging products.3

As one of the most talked about moisturizers this year, Hydrologica Age Renewal Hydration Cream is the second product distributed by Hydrologica that claims to smooth the look of fine lines and reverse the clock. Delivering key ingredients such as collagen molecules, bioactive peptides and proteins, Hydrologica Age Renewal Hydration Renewal is designed to brighten skin’s appearance, improve overall tone and firm sagging skin.1,7

Exclusively available to U.S. residents, the praise for this anti-aging formula has quickly thrust it in to the spotlight. Is the Hydologica formula the non-invasive answer to expensive injections, painful lasers or expensive anti-aging products? In this unbiased review, we take a look at the science behind key ingredients in the Hydrologica formula, possible side effects and most importantly, projected results.  Find out what other Hydrologica reviews won’t tell you about this advanced, anti-aging formula.

Hydrologica reviews
Hydrologica Age Renewal Hydration Cream

The Hydrologica formula focuses on key ingredients such as collagen, peptides and protein to help naturally lock-in moisture and smooth out fine lines.

Hydrologica Ageless Hydrating Cream Directions

Before applying Hydrologica Ageless Hydrating cream, users are instructed to wash their face with a cleanser and warm water. On clean, dry skin, apply a pea-sized amount of cream to your face, applying gentle pressure until fully absorbed.

Hydrologica Cream Side Effects

After investigating both the Hydrologica website and user reviews, Hydrologia side effects have rarely been reported. Users with sensitive skin may be more prone to side effects, which may include minor skin rash, irritation, redness, or a tingling sensation.

Does Hydrologica Skin Care Work?

With a growing number of anti-aging products and procedures available today, it can be hard for consumers to tell what works. With an advanced formula that features scientifically-researched ingredients like collagen, peptides, Hydrologica claims to revitalize, moisturize and counter the effects of stress on the skin.1

According to the Hydrologica website, the science behind the Hydrologica cream formula has been shown to improve the overall skin tone, skin texture and reduce the look of sagging or uneven skin.1 It’s unclear if these results were conducted in a double-blind study, as its currently unavailable to the public.

Collagen accounts for one-third of total protein in humans.4

Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in the human body, and can be found throughout tissues and skin. Known for its fibrous structure and stability, collagen helps maintain skin’s firmness and integrity. Collagen is particularly important for wound healing and helps remodel the skin. In fact, the dermis or outer layer of skin, is comprised of 80% of type 1 collagen.5 As we age, collagen decreases, and can be augmented with collagen supplements or topical products. The Hydrologica cream claims to deliver a well-designed formula of collagen molecules and bioactive peptides to help combat the signs of aging and reduce the appearance of fine lines.1

Bioactive peptides are often featured in anti-aging or skim-firming products. They are short-chain amino acids that can be generated by enzyme processes in the body, or applied and absorbed through the skin.2 While different peptides have various effects on the skin, they have widely and successfully been used in both clinical trials and cosmetic practices. Their main role is to strengthen the skin’s barrier defense, but have been increasingly studied for their effect on skin’s appearance, possibly helping to reverse the damage of photoaging skin.6

One of the most common peptides, glycyl-histidyl-lysine (GHK)-Cu, has been noted for its natural wound healing and anti-aging effects. Another frequently used peptide, acetyl hexapeptide-3, has been shown to have a significant effect on wrinkle depth, reducing it in one clinical study by more than 30% in 30 days.3 Certain peptides can also influence melanin synthesis and help reduce or even out the appearance of hyperpigmented skin patches. To the eye, this may give a skin ‘lightening’ or brightening’ effect.6

In a 2004 study, women aged 40-62 years old applied an under eye gel infused with collagen-like peptides or placebo for four weeks. Results showed that the application of the gel twice daily significantly reduced total and average length of wrinkles compared to a placebo cream. These findings were confirmed by clinical observation and self-reported questionnaires.2

The topical application of peptides may help protect the skin against UV damage, stimulate collagen synthesis, promote elastin production or invoke anti-oxidant or anti-inflammatory responses.3 These results are well suited for products such as Hydrologica Age Renewal Hydrating cream that focus on anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle, skin resurfacing, or improving skin’s tone and firmness.

Hydrologica Reviews

User reviews are mostly positive, noting intense hydrating effects that lock in moisture. Those who have added this product to their daily moisturizing routine, noted it leaves a lasting, silky smooth sensation, with some noticing reduced puffiness. Some users have posted dramatic before and after photos of their skin and note it may be possible to achieve more advanced results with the use of Hydrologica’s under eye serum. Other anecdotal reports have noted that results are subtler than they expected. For optimal results, it is advised to use the product as directed and not mix with additional products, as they may interact and reduce the effectiveness.

Where to Buy Hydrologica

For those wanting to try the Hydrologica cream for themselves, Hydrologica is exclusively available for U.S. residents through the Hydrologica website. For the price of shipping and handling, new users receive a 30-day supply allowing you to try out the product before deciding to continue on with it.

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