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FocusZX1 Review for Memory & Focus – Does It Really Work?

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FocusZX1, distributed by the company FocusZX1, is among the newest brain boosting nootropic supplements to hit the market. The product claims to stimulate enhanced mental processing, increase focus, heighten attention, reduce brain fog and improve memory. Natural, herbal extracts such as bacopa monnieri and ginkgo biloba are present in the formula, along with scientifically-researched cognitive boosters, such as gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and caffeine.14

Throughout this unbiased review you can learn more about what makes FocusZX1 work, and how it stands up to competitor nootropics on the market.

FocusZX1 review
The FocusZX1 supplement contains six active FocusZX1 ingredients

Can these six active FocusZX1 ingredients be the key to unlocking enhanced focus, memory and concentration?

FocusZX1 Ingredients

FocusZX1 uses a combination of essential vitamins, amino acids, and ancient herbs and plant extracts to create a mind sharpening blend for daily use. With 6 active ingredients and 5 additional ingredients, FocusZX1 promises mental stimulation and a higher level of cognitive function, as can be attested by any online FocusZX1 review. FocusZX1 ingredients include:

Bacopa Monnieri: 300mg – Native to the wetlands of warm climate countries around the world, bacopa monnieri is used in FocusZX1 for its proven ability as a memory enhancer.2

L-Theanine: 150mg – A natural amino acid extracted from the green tea leaf, L-theanine has shown promise as a relaxant.3 Stress has been proven to manipulate cognitive function and memory, making relaxation an important element in the FocusZX1 for memory blend.4

Phosphatidylcholine with Soy Lecithin: 250mg – Phosphatidylcholine is extracted from soy lecithin, a natural fatty plant compound, and is used in FocusZX1 to increase short-term memory.5

Ginkgo Biloba (leaf) Extract: 120mg – Ginkgo Biloba extract comes from the dried leaves of the Ginkgo Biloba tree, native to China. Having been used for hundreds of years as a natural herbal remedy, it is often used today for its ability to sharpen the mind and reduce the risk of memory loss.7

Gamma-aminobutyric Acid (GABA): 100mg – GABA is an amino-acid which reduces anxiety levels to enhance response time and efficiency in stressful situations.8

Caffeine: 100mg – Caffeine is a naturally occurring stimulant found in food and beverages like coffee and tea. It has shown promise in enhancing cognitive function and memory due to its ability to stimulate the central nervous system.9

While the science behind FocusZX1 ingredients are sound, there is no FocusZX1 WebMD product entry yet; possibly because of its newness to the market.

How to Use FocusZX1

According to the FocusZX1 label, to achieve the brain boosting effects of the FocusZX1 pill, users are instructed to take 1-2 capsules with a light meal in the morning or early afternoon. Always follow the FocusZX1 Directions on the supplement bottle, and never exceed 3 capsules per day.

FocusZX1 Side Effects

Currently, no human studies on the adverse effects of FocusZX1 have been published, but there are some side effects linked to ingredients in FocusZX1.

Consuming 250mg or less of caffeine has little adverse effect on the human body, although exceeding amounts of 1000mg can disrupt sleeping habits, upset the stomach, and cause heartburn.12 Similarly, bacopa monnieri is tolerated well in most users, but there have been cases of dry mouth, nausea, and muscle fatigue in those with sensitivities.11 Gingko Biloba has few reported effects, but some have noticed skin rash, headaches, and dizziness when sensitive to the herb.13

Does FocusZX1 Work?

In FocusZX1, bacopa monnieri, caffeine, phosphatidylcholine and gingko biloba all have the potential to increase cognition, as proven during separate studies which tested memory and brain function.2,9,5,7, This works in tandem with L-theanine and Gamma-aminobutyric Acid (GABA), which both have the potential to reduce stress levels and increase relaxation.3,10 This is significant to FocusZX1’s brain boosting blend, because stress and anxiety are associated with poor cognitive function.4

The dosages of bacopa monnieri, ginkgo biloba, and caffeine in FocusZX1 are significant enough to cause a positive effect according to their respective studies.2,7,9

FocusZX1 Reviews

FocusZX1 claims to work the first time you take it, and continues to increase in strength and functionality over time; some FocusZX1 reviews denote similar findings. The possible success of FocusZX1 brain booster is rooted firmly in its scientifically proven ingredients.

Where to Buy FocusZX1 – Is It Available on Amazon?

Currently, FocusZX1 is exclusively available through online retailers, such the FocusZX1 Amazon sales channel. On the official website, for the FocusZX1 price of shipping, customer receive a 30-day supply of capsules that they can try out before deciding if the product is right for them.

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