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Flex Belt Review: Does The Flex Belt Work? Results & Complaints

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Flex Belt

We all want a tight, toned midsection without spending hours in the gym doing a million sit ups – but maybe you don’t have to. By now you have probably seen the Flex Belt commercial on television and it may have left you wondering, does the Flex Belt really work?

There are approximately 2 million Flex Belt users worldwide.1

The Flex Belt is made by Bio-Medical Research Ltd. (BMR) and is a toning belt that is designed to be worn around the abdomen to tighten, tone and sculpt muscles. Claimed to be cleared by the FDA, the ab Flex Belt is an electronic muscle stimulator that uses medical-grade gel pads to stimulate the nerves. This is said to cause the abdomen muscles – including the upper abs, lower abs and obliques – to tighten and contract. These Flex Belt gel pads are pre-positioned on the belt to work all the muscles at the same time to give your abs the best workout.1

As one of the leaders in abdominal toning belts, the Flex Belt has been sold for over 15 years and is endorsed by professional athletes and celebrities like Denise Richards, Lisa Rinna, and Adrianne Curry, who have all claimed to achieve positive results. The Flex Belt has also appeared in magazines like Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan.1

Unlike other Flex Belt reviews, in this review the Better Health Organization will look into scientific data to back up the claims of the Flex Belt, along with how to properly use this fitness belt, its cost and where it can be purchased.

Flex Belt reviews

With three pre-positioned gel pads, the Flex Belt is designed to cover both the central abdominal muscles and obliques for a full core workout.

How to Use the Flex Belt

To use the BMR Flex Belt you simply strap the belt around your abdomen area and turn it on. The belt does all the work for you by stimulating the nerves in your abdomen which causes them to tighten and contract. The belt should be worn for 30 minutes and has a controller which allows you to control the intensity of the contracting sensation with intensity levels starting at 1, going all the way up to 150 depending on your strength level.2

While you cannot use the original Flex Belt for buttocks or thigh muscles, you can instead use the Flex Mini. Specifically created for women, the Flex Mini tones the back of the thigh area and lifts the buttocks. The Flex Mini claims to work by stimulating the back of the thigh and the gluteus maximus muscles. It is worn around the waist and has GelPads that are positioned at the back of the thighs and across the buttocks.3 The Flex Mini can be worn under clothing or when you are on-the-go and want to get a workout in.

All of these devices require that you use GelPads that must be replaced after 20 – 30 sessions. You can conveniently order replacement GelPads for all devices at the Flex Belt official website.

You can also try the Flex Belt for arms by purchasing the Flex Arms. The same technology that is used in the Flex Belt and Flex Mini is used in this device to tone and sculpt the arm muscles. With the Flex Arms, you will receive two belts that strap onto each arm. The Flex Arms works both the bicep and tricep muscles at the same time to maximize results.4

Does Flex Belt Work?

By now you may be wondering, does the Flex Belt work? In a 2005 scientific study, researchers found that electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) may help improve muscle tone and strength. The study looked at patients who used EMS over an eight-week period to stimulate their abdominal muscles. At the end of the study, participants in the stimulation group had a 100% increase in abdominal endurance and 58% increase in abdominal strength. The results also showed that participants had a more toned mid-section and a decreased waist size.5

In Cosmopolitan, readers got the chance to participate in a trial to test out the Flex Belt products and report back their results and experience. Results from this trial showed that overall users enjoyed using the Flex Belt, 92% said it was easy to incorporate into their daily lives, and 81% reported firmer abdominal muscles in just four weeks.1

For optimal Flex Belt results, it recommended to combine the Flex Belt with a healthy diet and regular exercise routine.

Flex Belt Reviews

Online, Flex Belt users have reported that wearing the belt for just thirty minutes a day allowed for an easy and convenient workout which delivered noticeable results. A number of Flex Belt customer reviews also note increased abdominal strength after using this product consistently. Flex Belt before and after photos posted from satisfied customers also emphasize a more toned physique.

Flex Belt Complaints & Side Effects

You may ask yourself, is the Flex Belt safe? The Flex Belt has been claimed to be cleared by the FDA and has no major side effects reported on the Flex Belt website.1 Overall, the ab Flex Belt has gotten mostly positive reviews, however some have noted that there have been some issues with the battery which often needs to be re-charged after every use. One Flex Belt review reported that the belt does not work as well for those who have a lot of excess fat around their midsection. Reports of mild skin irritation, and warm, tingling or burning sensations have also been reported.

Where to Buy the Flex Belt – Walmart or Amazon?

For those looking to purchase the Flex Belt, Walmart, Amazon and eBay may offer Flex Belt accessories or gel pads. However, it’s recommended that you purchase directly from the Flex Belt website as you can not find the official Flex Belt in stores. Purchasing from the official Flex Belt website also ensures their 60-day money-back guarantee along with a two-year warranty. If you are not completely happy with your purchase, you have up to 60 days to get a full refund.2

Flex Belt Cost

The Flex Belt price is $199.99 per unit. For customers who wish to purchase more than one belt, a 25% discount is added to each additional belt. Replacement gel pads can also be purchased online for $14.99 a set.

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