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Flat Tummy Tea Review: Ingredients, Safety, and Flat Tummy Tea Results

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Flat Tummy Tea

Flat Tummy Tea is a two-step herbal detox tea created by Flat Tummy Co, which is marketed as an effective belly fat slimming tea.1 The product is being actively promoted via tea ads on Instagram and various other social media platforms, where it has quickly developed a dedicated following. It comes in two distinct blends: one to “activate” the body, and one to “cleanse” it.

When used to “activate”, Flat Tummy Tea is said to support your metabolism, boost your energy, and help you maintain a healthy immune system. When taken to “cleanse”, it can apparently detoxify your system, reduce water retention, and cleanse your digestive system. Taken either way, it is said to reduce bloating.1

With various health claims, many consumers may wonder if using this tea can really help me get a flatter tummy? Read on to learn more about the ingredients in this “belly slimming” tea, and discover whether it could be your answer to a slimmer stomach.

Flat tummy detox tea reviews
Flat tummy cleanse ingredients and Are the tea ads for Flat tummy tea results

Flat tummy cleanse ingredients and Are the tea ads for Flat tummy tea results

Flat Tummy Tea uses two distinct blends of natural ingredients to help activate and cleanse your metabolism.

Flat Tummy Detox Tea Ingredients

The Activate Tea contains a blend of 10 different natural ingredients, while the Cleanse Tea contains 7. The following is a list of the active ingredients in both herbal blends, along with information on how they relate to the product’s goals.

Peppermint— Peppermint is a widely used herb, and one of the most popular single-ingredient herbal teas in the world. Peppermint is commonly used in traditional medicines in various forms such as extracts or peppermint essential oil and has significant antimicrobial and antioxidant properties.2

Lemon Balm— Lemon balm is a traditional herbal medicine, which is used in the Activate tea. It can be used as a mild sedative, but is also commonly associated with sustained improvements in accuracy of attention.3

Liquorice— Liquorice is a plant that has been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years. It is found in both teas and is often used as an expectorant to loosen mucus, but can also be used to treat pain from stomach ulcers by reducing the irritation caused by acids.4

Dandelion— Dandelion is a flower that has long been used in traditional Chinese, Arabic, and Native American medicine. Its greens are considered a good source of vitamin A and Flat Tummy Active tea contains both dandelion leaf and root. Both are commonly used as a diuretic, and for help with digestive problems.5

Cleavers— A plant commonly used by herbalists as a diuretic, and a treatment for swollen glands. It is found in the Activate tea.

Fennel was considered a potent herb by the Ancient Romans and was thought to improve eye sight.4

Fennel— Fennel is an herb commonly accepted as a diuretic, a natriuretic, and an alternative method of managing hypertension symptoms.4

Green Tea— Green tea is one of the most commonly consumed herbal supplements in the world. Green tea is widely associated with antioxidant benefits, improvements in cardiac health, and stress reduction.6

Caraway— Caraway is a plant related to fennel, and is found in both Flat Tummy Active and Cleanse teas. It was traditionally used to relieve symptoms of indigestion and flatulence.7

Cardamom— Cardamom refers to several plants that are members of the ginger family. It is often used as a diuretic, and to treat hypertension.8

Senna— Senna is a plant found in many laxatives and used to relieve constipation.9

Rhubarb— Rhubarb has long been used in European traditional medicine as a laxative and diuretic. Rhubarb extract has recently been studied as a slimming agent, for the purposes of treating simple obesity.10

How to Use Flat Tummy Cleanse

Flat Tummy Co recommends using both forms of Flat Tummy Tea at different times. The website recommends using Flat Tummy Active tea upon waking up in the morning, and that Flat Tummy Cleanse be taken “every couple of nights before bed”.1 Both teas are intended to be used during a specific weight loss tea cleanse, which the product’s website defines as being two to four weeks long.

Side Effects: Are Slimming Teas Safe?

Many people wonder about the safety of using slimming teas in general. However, Flat Tummy Tea is somewhat distinct from other belly slimming tea options, in that it contains all-natural ingredients. Still, some of these ingredients can have certain side-effects. For example, ingredients like fennel may cause allergic reactions in certain individuals. It is also recommended that people with high blood pressure or kidney failure avoid taking liquorice.4

The website for Flat Tummy Tea claims that the product has no side effects, but does recommend that users drink plenty of water during each cleanse to avoid possible dehydration.1

Flat Tummy Tea Results

There is ongoing research being conducted on the efficacy of belly slimming teas, but many users of Flat Belly Tea report weight loss after taking the product as directed. The product’s website features testimonials from thousands of satisfied customers, who claim that it has helped them slim down when combined with an active lifestyle and a nutritious diet.1

Peppermint has been noted to have a relaxing effect on the gastrointestinal tract and preliminary studies are investigating its calming properties on patients with IBS.2

Certain individual ingredients in Flat Belly Tea also have clinical evidence supporting their use as effective diuretics or laxatives. A clinical study conducted on 472 patients with simple obesity in China found that the slimming properties of rhubarb extract tablets were similar to those of Western drug fenfluramine, but with fewer side effects.10

Flat Tummy Tea Reviews

Online there are thousands of reviews for Flat Tummy Tea, most of them being positive. Something most users tend to agree on is that this tea tastes great – which is not the case for all teatoxes. Other testimonials suggest that the tea can be felt working almost immediately after drinking, and completely gets rid of bloat.1

Where to Buy Flat Tummy Tea

Flat Tummy Tea is currently only available online. The website offers several options for purchasing it directly. It can be ordered as a 2 Week Program, a 4 Week Program, or an ongoing subscription. For a 2 week program, users pay $36 USD or $49 USD for the 4 week program. The company also offers a “Subscribe & Save” program that provides a free 4 Week Program every fourth month. Flat Tummy Tea ships worldwide, with some exceptions.1

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