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Flat Belly Overnight Review – Andrew Raposo – Does It Really Work?

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What is Flat Belly Overnight?

Flat Belly Overnight is a weight loss program designed and marketed by Andrew Raposo, a personal trainer from Toronto, Canada. The Flat Belly Overnight program claims to increase metabolism to burn belly fat, promote cellular oxygen, reduce fat cells by eliminating carbon dioxide, and lower cortisol levels to fight weight gain.1,2,3

The program includes a detox formula, weight loss template, and a series of 3-minute belly flattening sequences, all of which can be conveniently downloaded and viewed online. Flat Belly Overnight also claims to be a core strengthening program, which reduces lower back pain.2,3

Throughout this unbiased review, we will learn more about the 3-steps to the Flat Belly Overnight program, and the science behind them.

Flat Belly Protocol Template

All users receive an easy-to-follow Flat Belly Protocol Template that shares the latest tips and tricks for targeting belly fat.

Flat Belly Detox Formula

The Flat Belly Detox Formula claims to help take the guess work out of your diet and eliminate foods that cause bloating and inflammation.

Flat Belly Overnight: The Flat Belly Protocol Template

The Flat Belly Overnight protocol template is a step by step nutrition program designed to target belly fat and increase metabolism. Flat Belly Overnight advises users to follow the protocol exactly to obtain successful results. The program doesn’t use calorie counting, instead focusing on foods which are known to target the metabolism, reduce toxin intake, and improve sleep patterns.2,3

The protocol template includes a list of herbs, which are promoted for their weight loss and detoxification properties. The Flat Belly Overnight website suggests that harmful toxins in the system can cause the body to retain fat. These herbs are meant to counteract this fat retention.2,3

Flat Belly Overnight: The 3-Minute Belly Flattening Follow Along Sequences

Part of Andrew Raposo’s program includes 3-minute exercise sequences, which target core muscles in the back and abdomen. The sequences don’t only focus on the physical exercise associated with a flat and toned stomach, they also include breathing exercises from the diaphragm.2

These exercises are marketed to improve weight loss and stomach tone, while simultaneously reducing stress and improving sleep rhythms.2

Flat Belly Overnight: The Flat Belly Detox Formula

Finally, the third step of the Flat Belly Overnight program is a detox formula. The company website suggests that this formula will flush out harmful toxins which could be retaining fat storage in the body. By including the detox formula in the Flat Belly Overnight routine, the program promises that users can enjoy the foods they love without the fear of inflammation or bloating.2,3

The detox formula includes information on helpful spices and herbs which help reduce body fat storage, and antioxidant rich foods to fight free radicals. Flat Belly Overnight claims that this portion of the program improves skin radiance, boosts energy levels, and also acts as a natural anti-aging procedure.2,3

Who is Andrew Raposo?

Andrew Raposo also holds certifications in movement screening, kettlebell training, and general strength and conditioning.1

Andrew Raposo is the mind behind the Flat Belly Detox program. A Canadian personal trainer and strength coach from Toronto, Ontario, Andrew is also a super middle weight Muay Thai champion, and two-time gold medalist provincial boxing champion. Andrew first became interested in health and fitness at the age of 14, when he began training as a boxer. Since then, Andrew says that his mission has become motivating, inspiring, and teaching others to improve their health and fitness.1

Does Flat Belly Overnight Work?

Flat Belly Overnight uses a nutrition protocol template, detox formula, and belly flattening exercises to produce midsection weight loss and muscle tone. There are currently no scientific studies available to prove the Flat Belly Overnight program works, however, elements of the program have been proven in some scientific publications.

In a 2000 study following the results of prepared meal plans for weight loss 302 subjects saw significant improvements in quality of life. Participants saw success in weight loss, as well as the moderation of glucose and blood pressure levels.4 Flat Belly Overnight doesn’t use premade meals as part of its program, but the protocol template does include a strict meal and herb outline to improve metabolism, and weight management.

While the detox formula in Flat Belly Overnight hasn’t been tested in human studies, there has been scientific evidence which supports the use of detox diets for weight loss and other health benefits.

Core exercises, like the ones included in Flat Belly Overnight, have proven to be effective in strengthening the back and abdomen, as well as reducing lower back pain.

In 2012, a study involving vertical jump athletes, tested the significance of core exercise over a 9-week training period. Researchers concluded that core exercises improved jump balance, stability, and power.6

Another study, revolving around the lower back pain relief, tested core-strengthening exercises on 142 participants suffering from chronic lower back pain. The tests took place over 4-weeks, with subjects participating in a series of workouts targeting the core section of the body. The exercises successfully relieved back pain, and helped improve overall health in subjects.7

Flat Belly Overnight Reviews

Reviews of Flat Belly Overnight are mixed, with some posting positive results along with before and after photos of progress. While there are many places to read online reviews of Flat Belly Overnight and its possible results, it’s best to take personal reviews with a grain of salt as results may vary from individual to individual. Research into the background of this program, and a personal trial, is the best way to determine its success.

Flat Belly Overnight Pricing and Where to Buy

Flat Belly Overnight is offered exclusively online through the company’s official website. For $37 USD, consumers can purchase the 3-step flat Belly Overnight Program, complete with a 60-day customer satisfaction guarantee.

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