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Epic Male Enhancement Review: Side Effects & Does It Work?

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Epic Male Enhancement

Distributed by Epic Male, Epic Male Enhancement is one of the latest sexual enhancement supplements to hit the health and wellness market. The company website claims that Epic Male Enhancement offers triple intensity maximum sexual benefits with no prescription required. It cites bigger, longer lasting erections, increased stamina and endurance, and greater sexual confidence as its main benefits.1

Epic Male Enhancement suggests that 63% of American men suffer from small penis syndrome, while 19% of men avoid sexual relations due to a lack of confidence. The supplement is designed to counteract these issues by increasing free testosterone and nitric oxide production to the penis.1

Throughout this unbiased review, we will take a look at the key ingredients, potential side effects and the latest scientific studies to uncover the evidence behind these claims. Claimed to be the number one male enhancement supplement in the U.S. today, is Epic Male Enhancement the last male supplement you’ll ever need?

Epic Male Enhancement review, does epic male enhancement really work?
Epic Male Enhancement ingredients and how to use epic male enhancement

The Epic Male Enhancement formula features several herbal extracts traditionally used to promote libido and stamina.

Epic Male Enhancement Ingredients

The Epic Male Enhancement supplement features five natural plant extracts and one amino acid designed to increase stamina, libido and in their formula. Below you will find a breakdown of each ingredient and the role it plays in Epic Male Enhancement.

L-Citrulline – L-Citrulline is an amino acid found abundantly in humans and is closely related to arginine, which plays an important role in protein formation and nitric oxide production.2 L-citrulline has shown promise as a natural sexual enhancement supplement for men with mild to moderate erectile dysfunction.3

Horny Goat Weed Extract (4:1­) – Horny goat weed (Epimedium Grandiflorum) is an herb commonly used in Chinese medicine to treat male sexual dysfunction. Animal studies have provided some scientific proof of horny goat weed extract’s promise as a penile tissue growth stimulant.4

Studies have shown maca root may help improve sperm count and motility in men.5

Maca Root Extract (4:1) – Maca root (Lepidium meyenii) is an herb, native to Peru. The root has been used traditionally in Ayurveda to promote fertility and increase sexual vitality in both men and women.5

Asian Panax Ginseng Extract – Native to Eastern Asia, Asian panax ginseng is a staple in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Animal studies have noted that panax ginseng contains natural anti-fatigue properties, which could be useful for improving sexual endurance.6

Longjack Root Extract (100-1) – Longjack root (Eurycomma longifolia), also known as Tonkat Ali, is a root native to Southeast Asia. Traditionally, longjack root was used to as an aphrodisiac and to increase strength and combat stress. In preliminary studies, longjack root has been shown to temporarily increase testosterone levels in men.7

Epic Male Enhancement Side Effects

Epic Male Enhancement claims to be completely safe and side effect free, however, some individuals may react to individual ingredients.

Asian panax ginseng may cause anxiety, insomnia, headaches, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, and high blood pressure when used in excess.10 No human studies have shown side effects while using horny goat weed, but overuse in animal studies has been associated with thyroid production issues.8

If you experience any side effects while using Epic Male Enhancement, consult your physician. Men who are currently using medication for other medical conditions should seek a doctor’s approval before starting treatment with Epic Male Enhancement supplements.

Does Epic Male Enhancement Work?

Several scientific studies conducted on individual ingredients used in Epic Male Enhancement provide promising results that indicate Epic Male Enhancement may help improve libido and relieve symptoms of erectile dysfunction in men.

In a 2010 human study, L-citrulline was tested on 24 men who suffered from mild to moderate erectile dysfunction. Researchers found that all men who took the L-citrulline supplement reported an increase in erection firmness, making it a possible alternative to other ED treatments.3

In laboratory settings, horny goat weed has been shown to have natural estrogen-blocking properties.9

In a 2010 study, researchers noted that horny goat weed extract had phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibiting effects, the same effects offered by prescription drug medications such as Viagra. The in vitro and in vivo animal study also concluded that horny goat weed had the potential to act as neurotrophic supplement, causing tissue growth in the penis.4

Maca root tablets were given to healthy men over a course of four months to test its effects on sperm levels in a 2001 study. Following the test period, results showed that sperm count and motility were significantly increased.5

Asian panax ginseng provided positive results as an anti-fatigue agent in a 2006 animal study. Subjects were subjected to different methods of physical activity, and were examined for the following recovery times. Results indicated that supplementing with panax ginseng significantly improved recovery time.6

In 2011 a human study, scientists tested longjack root on 76 men with late-onset hypogonadism (low testosterone production). The subjects were given doses of 200mg over a one-month period. Results showed that longjack root supplementation was able to improve serum testosterone concentration.7

Each of these studies helps provide a scientific foundation for the Epic Male Enhancement claims of increased libido and sexual energy, longer lasting erections, and improved sexual confidence.

Epic Male Enhancement Reviews

Online reviews made by users of Epic Male Enhancement report positive effects, some even giving the supplement 5 out of 5-star ratings. Common points of interest in customer reviews include lack of side effects, increased concentration, and lowered levels of stress after use. Customers also praised the method of purchase, citing online shopping as affordable and convenient.

Where to Buy Epic Male Enhancement and Price

Epic Male Enhancement is exclusively available through the brand website, allowing shoppers to buy from the comfort of home. For readers interested in buying Epic Male Enhancement, users can receive a 30-day supply for the cost shipping and handling to try before deciding if they’d like to continue with it.

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