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Dermedica XR Review: Does it Work & Did it Appear on Shark Tank?

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Dermedica XR

Known as the ‘miracle cream’ Dermedica XR is one of the latest skin care products to make waves in the beauty industry. Designed to increase skin hydration, enhance skin immunity, increase nutrient delivery and diminish wrinkles, this all-natural product is also claimed to brighten and firm the skin, boost collagen production and eliminate dark circles under the eyes.7,8

The Dermedica XR brand offers two different products: The Renew & Repair Collagen Retinol Treatment, and the Rejuvenate & Repair Eye Serum. On their website, they claim that both products are made with all-natural herbal extracts and botanicals.7

But is Dermedica XR really a miracle cream? In this article, we take a look at how two of the active ingredients in Dermedica XR—vitamin C and retinol (vitamin A) might work to improve skin’s appearance, based on research from the latest scientific studies on skin aging.

Dermedica XR reviews
With only Dermedica XR ingredients does Dermedica XR work

With key ingredients including vitamin C and retinol, the key to Dermedica XR’s formula may be these scientifically-researched vitamins.

How to Use Dermedica XR

With a straightforward application, incorporating Dermedica XR into your daily routine is easy. According to the Dermedica XR directions, users should:

  1. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser and pat dry.
  2. Apply the Dermedica XR cream on the face and massage gently.
  3. Allow the cream to be absorbed. Use daily for best results.

Side Effects of Dermedica XR

The product’s active ingredients Vitamin C and retinol are generally considered safe for topical application, but both are known to have side effects in some users. Vitamin C can cause minor adverse reactions such as a yellowing of the skin or clothes, which may occur when vitamin C oxidizes. In rare cases, topical application of Vitamin C has caused stinging, erythema (reddening of the skin), and dryness, which can generally be treated by applying an additional moisturizer without Vitamin C.2

The most common side effect associated with topical retinoids is called a “retinoid reaction”, which consists of a minor burning sensation, erythema (reddening of the skin), pruritis (itching), and peeling at the site of retinoid application.5

Does Dermedica XR Work?

The manufacturers of the product claim that it reverses visible signs of aging—diminishing wrinkles, brightening the skin’s appearance, and restoring radiant and firmer skin. Does the product live up to its claims?

Researchers point out that skin aging is a complex biological process influenced by a large number of factors, including genetics, metabolism, hormones, light exposure, pollution, and chemical exposure.1 While this means that Dermedica results are likely to vary between users, anecdotal evidence has noted visible and dramatic effects within two weeks of beginning to use Dermedica XR. At least two ingredients in the formula—vitamin C and retinol—have been proven through numerous scientific studies to enhance the skin’s health.

Dermedica XR Vitamin C

This naturally occurring vitamin has been studied intensively for its beneficial effect on skin. Topical Vitamin C has shown to be a highly effective rejuvenation therapy, and shown to cause a significant increase in collagen biosynthesis.2,3 Studies have also noted that vitamin C acts as a depigmentation agent, inhibiting the enzyme tyrosinase, which plays a large role in melatonin formation.2 In addition to these benefits, one study found that topical vitamin C resulted in significant increases of the density of dermal papillae (small blood vessels located close to the surface of the skin), which normally diminish with age.4 This findings indicate that vitamin C may correct certain regressive changes that occur in the aging process.

Studies show that this photo-protective quality of Vitamin C is may have 4x the effect when combined with vitamin E.2

It is well-known that exposure to sunlight ages the skin. Vitamin C may combat this aging process by exerting a UV-protective effect on the skin as it neutralizes free radicals.2

Keep in mind, however, that a sufficient concentration and consistent supply of Vitamin C are needed to obtain a photo-protective effect (researchers recommend applications every 8 hours).2

Dermedica XR Retinol

All-trans retinol (or simply Vitamin A), has been used in skin treatment for decades and is considered by many researchers to be one of the safest for topical application. In various studies, retinol has been shown to induce epidermal thickening (thickening of the skin), which can produce an anti-wrinkle effect. One study conducted on this effect observed significant improvement in fine wrinkles after 12 weeks of treatment.5

Like vitamin C, retinol can help to prevent skin damage from sunlight exposure by inhibiting UV induction of matrix metalloproteinases or MMPs, a group of enzymes that break down collagen.5 A recent 2015 study found that four weeks of retinol treatments not only increased the thickness of the skin, but also increased expression of several proteins responsible for collagen production. This study also observed a significant reduction in facial wrinkles after 12 weeks of retinol application.6

Dermedica XR Reviews

Online, Dermedica XR reviews rave about the product’s dramatic effects, claiming visible anti-aging results in as little as two weeks. Rumors have also circulated that the creators of Dermedica XR pitched their product on the popular show, Shark Tank and that the Dermedica XR Shark Tank debut resulted in an offer to buy a quarter of the company for $2.5 million. These Shark Tank claims are not confirmed on the Dermedica XR website, however.

Where to Buy Dermedica XR

Dermedica XR is only available online, and can be purchased directly from the distributor through their official website. While you can purchase the product from a reseller on Amazon, Dermedica XR is best purchased through the manufacturer. Use caution when buying Dermedica from Amazon, as the products are often bought and re-sold by third party vendors.

Dermedica XR Cost

For the price of shipping and handling, users receive a 30-day supply to try before deciding whether to continue using it. For more information on samples and pricing, contact support by calling the Dermedica XR phone number.

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