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Cenegenics Review – Does It Work & How Much Does Cenegenics Cost?

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What is Cenegenics? Short for the Cenegenics Elite Health Program, the Cenegenics is a comprehensive age management program that uses physician-led, proactive steps that claim to help prevent age-related diseases such as diabetes, heart attack, stroke, and high blood pressure for people 35 years and older.1

Considered a leader in anti-aging medicine, the program was developed in 1997 when Cenegenics founder, Dr. Alan Paul Mintz, opened the Cenegenics Medical Institute. Cenegenics uses a combination of lab tests, nutrition counselling, exercise, nutritional and hormone supplements to create a personalized plan for patients. Cenegenics claims that all components of the program can help each patient reduce body fat, increase muscle tone, improve insulin and cholesterol levels, increase energy and sense of vitality, manage stress more effectively and improve mental acuity and sleep quality.1

The private company claims to base its program on scientific research and delivers it across the U.S. through a network of authorized physicians. To date, there have been over 35,000 patients worldwide, with 25% claimed to be physicians or physician family members.1

While there are a number of positive Cenegenics reviews online, we take an in-depth look at the program, potential side effects and projected Cenegenics results to help you determine if this plan is right for you.

Cenegenics review and does cenegenics really work

The Muscle Formula supplement is one of the most popular amongst Cenegenics users. Along with moderate doses of vitamins A, B, C, calcium, iron, phosphorous and zinc, the powdered supplement contains 13.2g of Foretropin

Does Cenegenics Work?

A key feature that sets Cenegenics apart from similar programs is individual attention from a physician. Cenegenics physicians conduct blood tests and physical examinations to establish individualized baseline statistics. That information is used to create a custom Cenegenics program that combines exercise, supplementation, and potentially prescription hormones. Users are also instructed to follow the Cenegenics diet, which is low-glycemic and focuses on reducing inflammation.10,11

Healthy eating and physical activity are common recommendations of health agencies dedicated to the prevention and treatment of diabetes, heart attack, stroke, and high blood pressure.2,3

According to their website, the Cenegenics’ weight loss claim is that of 200 patients studied, the average body fat reading decreased by 30% between starting the program and re-evaluation after one year.1

As patients of the Cenegenics Elite Health Program receive customized exercise plans and nutraceutical supplements, it’s difficult to assess the effectiveness because of the potential diversity and products available.4 However, ongoing physician support may help increase compliance with the Cenegenics diet and improve exercise habits. Anecdotal reports note that the Muscle Formula supplement is one of the most popular amongst Cenegenics users. Along with moderate doses of vitamins A, B, C, calcium, iron, phosphorous and zinc, the powdered supplement contains 13.2g of Foretropin. Foretropin is a proprietary combination of concentrated proteins, peptides, and selected bioactive ingredients.5

In a 2016 clinical study, 12 weeks of Fortetropin supplementation and resistance training was shown to increase development of lean muscle mass and reduce protein breakdown.6

Among users of Cenegenics, before and after pictures are a popular way to show the benefits of the program. Typically, men in these photos show the development of a muscular physique. Women show a trimmed down physique with natural proportions. The program has small differences for men and women. Cenegenics for women also takes fluctuating estrogen and progesterone levels into account.11 Further customization for both men and women can happen at the individual level under the guidance of an authorized physician.

While certain hGH products (such as Somatropin) are approved by the FDA, it is only for specific growth-related conditions in children and specific syndromes in adults.8

There are anecdotal reports that injections of human growth hormone (hGH) are part of the program. According to documentation published by Cenegenics, hGH is not a standard part of their Cenegenics Elite Health Program. They do, however, note that hGH may be used if a patient has a verifiable hGH deficiency.7

The Cenegenics program does include hormone therapy with the intention of slowing down natural aging.9

Cenegenics Reviews

Overall, most Cenegenics reviews online are positive. Some of the top comments from customers are increased energy levels, minor weight loss and improved stamina. Some customers have also reported better sleep, reduced stress, improved outlook on life, and no longer needing medication to sleep or manage blood pressure or blood sugar levels.1

Is Cenegenics Safe?

Based on self-reporting by patients, there have been very few negative health outcomes while following the Cenegenics program under the guidance of an authorized physician. Anecdotal reports note minor side effects such as upset stomach, diarrhea and nausea. Some users have also reported difficulty adhering to a low glycemic diet.

Men and women have been using Cenegenics for the past two decades. Yet, there are no objective and verifiable statistics to show how long people stay on the program. Therefore, it’s unknown if long-term participation poses a health risk.

According to the company, stopping the program doesn’t cause any negative effects. However, the user’s metabolism will revert to normal and aging will continue at the normal rate.9

How to Start Cenegenics

To get started on the Cenegenics program, users can sign up on their website for a free telephone consultation with a physician.

As an international company, Cenegenics clinics are also located in Australia, India, and Japan.

If you decide the program is for you, you’ll meet with a physician at an authorized anti-aging clinic. American cities with a Cenegenics clinic include Las Vegas, New York, San Francisco, Denver, Philadelphia, Tulsa, Washington D.C., Chicago, Phoenix, and Atlanta.

The company doesn’t publish any specific qualifications that must be met. Yet, they do ask for your annual income.

Cenegenics Cost

For those wondering ‘how much does Cenegenics cost?’ patients self-report paying $3,000-$4,000 for the initial assessment, which gathers baseline information and includes lab results.

The Cenegenics cost per month is in the $1,500-$2,000 range, according to the same self-reports. This also covers the cost of supplements. Your individualized program would determine if your monthly expense would be at the low or high end of the range.

After one year, another physical examination and series of tests are required at a reported cost of $3,000. Some users also mention that this Cenegenics price does not cover the extra cost of travel if there’s no authorized clinic where you live.

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