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BlackCore Edge Max – Does It Work? Side Effects, Ingredients & Where to Buy

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BlackCore Edge

BlackCore Edge is one of the latest supplements designed to boost testosterone naturally. Made in the USA, BlackCore Edge Max claims to improve libido, stamina, vitality and strength. Using natural ingredients, BlackCore Edge Testo Booster is also designed to double as a post workout supplement and aid muscle recovery.

Does BlackCore Edge improve results both in and out of the gym? Find out in our unbiased, BlackCore Edge review.

BlackCore Edge Max Reviews
BlackCore Edge Max Ingredients

BlackCore Edge Max formula includes several traditional ingredients that have been used for male health for hundreds of years.

BlackCore Edge Ingredients

To determine if BlackCore Edge delivers on its projected health claims, we’ll take a look at the latest scientific research on each of the BlackCore Edge Max ingredients.

Calcium: 44.28 mg – Important for proper muscle contraction and nerve function, calcium plays an important role in overall health.2

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Horny Goat Weed – An herb used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), horny goat weed is claimed to promote male health and fertility. Horny goat weed contains chemicals that may increase blood flow and sexual function. While often taken to improve symptoms of erectile dysfunction or other sexual problems, evidence to support its efficacy is still ongoing.3

Tongkat Ali Extract –Traditionally used to boost energy and increase libido, preliminary studies show that tongkat ali may improve mood (reducing anger, tension and confusion) while slightly elevating testosterone levels.4 Tongkat ali may also be an adaptogen, and help protect the body against physical or mental stress. This could lead to better muscle recovery post workout and appears to be amplified in infertile men.4

Saw Palmetto Extract – Marketed to help low sex drive and improve low sperm counts, saw palmetto is commonly used as an alternative treatment for an enlarged prostate. While there are limited studies to support it can increase testosterone, in research trials, saw palmetto has helped control prostate size in patients suffering from benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).5

Orchic Substance – Based on the concept that ‘like supports like’ orchic substance comes from cattle testicles and is clamed to contain important vitamins and nutrients that can boost human testosterone.6 To date, little is known about the substance including efficacy, optimal dose, or side effects.

Wild Yam Extract – In the 1950s, scientists discovered that wild versions of yam contained an active compound called diosgenin, a plant-based estrogen that has since been used by herbalists to increase sex drive, improve energy and lower high cholesterol.7,8 While the body is unable to convert the plant-based hormone into progesterone, diosgenin can be chemically converted into various steroids in a lab setting.8

Sarsaparilla – Traditionally used as an aphrodisiac, sarsaparilla is an herb thought to influence hormone production. However, peer-reviewed studies for its effectiveness are still ongoing.6,9

Nettle Extract – A common wildflower, stinging nettle has traditionally been used to treat painful muscles and joints. The extract may also improve inflammatory conditions and diabetes, but more high-quality data is required to validate these claims.10,11

Boron – A naturally occurring mineral, boron is helpful for building muscles and elevating testosterone levels.12 In a pilot study, males aged 18-29 supplemented 10 mg of boron for six days. Their results indicated increased levels of free testosterone, and decrease estrogen. While boron appears to boost testosterone somewhat effectively, more research is needed.13

How to Take BlackCore Edge

According to the BlackCore Edge Max label, users should take this supplement within 30 minutes of ending a workout.

BlackCore Edge Side Effects

To keep our readers informed, Better Health Organization has compiled a list of potential side effects that may occur from taking this product, based upon the latest scientific research.

Stinging nettle has been reported to cause sweating, diarrhea, upset stomach or mild fluid retention.10 Emerging research indicates stinging nettle may affect blood sugar, and has been documented to both raise and lower blood sugar levels.10,11 For some users, supplementing with saw palmetto may cause gastrointestinal discomfort or headaches.14 Select varieties of horny goat weed may cause dry mouth, nausea, increased thirst, dizziness or nosebleeds.3 In rare cases, users may have an allergic reaction that could result in hives, a skin rash or trigger an asthma attack. As these ingredients are a part of a proprietary blend which does not disclose the variety or dose, users may or may not experience these side effects.

Is BlackCore Edge Safe?

Without the exact doses and access to the clinical trials cited on the BlackCore Edge website, Better Health Organization cannot comment on the safety of this product. While the BlackCore Edge formula contains natural ingredients, these ingredients may still cause side effects, or interact with other medication.

Does BlackCore Edge Work?

Considering the ingredients used, a review of current scientific studies, and several consumer reviews, below are the projected results for BlackCore Edge.

Most of the ingredients used in the BlackCore Edge formula have been based off claims from traditional medicine systems, and have not been rigorously tested in well-designed, peer-reviewed studies. Existing trials, if any, predominately focus on infertile men with little information regarding how these ingredients influence libido, sexual function or muscle growth in healthy men.

However, several studies conducted on tongkat ali show potential. In a recent study, males who underwent a resistance training program and supplemented with 100 mg per day saw increased 1-RM (one repetition maximum), strength, arm circumference, and lean body mass when compared to a placebo.4 Tongkat ali and wild yam have also demonstrated adaptogen properties, which can help the body recover more quickly from mental or physical stress and strengthen the immune system.

Research shows that saw palmetto and stinging nettle can somewhat regulate prostate size, without distorting testosterone levels in men with enlarged prostates, or BPH.5,10,11 For all men, these ingredients may help promote prostate health.

With several webpages that reference different ingredients, and no company website or supplement facts available, it may make it difficult for customers to decipher which is the latest formula. While these factors help build a product’s credibility, their absence does not necessarily make BlackCore Edge a scam or ineffective.

BlackCore Edge Reviews

After reviewing a number of BlackCore Edge reviews online, most customers seem satisfied with their results. Users comment that BlackCore Edge is macro-friendly, easy to take and has been reported to improve focus and energy levels both in and outside of the gym.

Where to Buy BlackCore Edge

For readers who would like to buy BlackCore Edge Max, it should be noted that it’s exclusively sold online and currently not carried in major supplement retailers.

For the price of shipping and handling, users receive a full 30-day supply of the product, and can try it before deciding if they would like to continue using it.

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