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Beyond Diet Review: Does the Beyond Diet Program Work?

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Beyond Diet

Beyond Diet was founded in 2008, by Isabel De Los Rios, to help people lose weight long-term. The program uses what Isabel calls, “3 simple steps”. So, what is beyond diet, and how do you get involved?

Beyond Diet is an online, members only, weight loss strategy based on a 3-step program. The program provides users with access to more than 3,000 family-friendly recipes, Beyond Diet weight loss coaches, and an online community of peer support, for an annual fee. The company mission is to help over one million families live healthier, happier lives.1

Beyond Diet reviews are mixed, with some happy customers posting before and after photos of their transition, while others were not so successful. Through this unbiased Beyond Diet review, we will cover Isabel De Los Rios’ 3 steps, and discuss the science behind the Beyond Diet strategy.

Beyond Diet is a program designed to restructure eating habits for long term weight loss, rather than calorie restriction or dep L-Theanine ending on specific products. While books and recipes are available without joining, members get access to more recipes, meal plans, and online support form coaches and peers.

Beyond Diet Meal Plan

While most customers follow the program online, a physical book is also available.

How Does the Beyond Diet Program Work?

Beyond Diet describes their process as using no pills, powders, or potions, but rather specialized Beyond Diet meal plans, designed to suit the entire family. The 3-step program involves weight loss, tracking change, and consciously making long-term healthy life changes.

Beyond Diet is an online program, with members only features. Isabel De Los Rios has written several books, including recipe guides, however, the books don’t offer the same coaching and online community support as the full program.

Beyond Diet Step 1: Lose Weight

With nearly 700 000 members, Beyond Diet is close to meeting their goal of helping over one million families lead healthier lives.

The first step in the Beyond Diet program is to lose weight by following the Beyond Diet meal plan for a minimum of 2-weeks. Step one involves using pre-made meal plans, and support from the Beyond Diet community online, to kick start your weight loss journey.

The company claims that by knowing where each meal is coming from, there’s less room for failure. Support from the online community includes more than 500 000 members, Beyond Diet certified coaches, and Isabel herself.1

Beyond Diet Step 2: Metabolism Test

Step 2 includes a Beyond Diet metabolism test, which is said to help you better understand your metabolism and which foods you should be eating to accommodate it. It also involves keeping tabs on diet progress by means of a success journal. The journal is used to track what is eaten and how these meals affect your body, to provide insight for better selections in the future.

Beyond Diet Step 3: Take Control

Finally, step 3 involves holding yourself accountable, and taking control of weight loss by continuing to utilize Beyond Diet recipes. Members are also encouraged to create their own recipes using the approved Beyond Diet food list.

Aside from the Beyond Diet menu plan, there are other tools at your disposal, which Beyond Diet says are, “designed to bust through any challenges that may come your way.”

Beyond Diet Reviews: Complaints and Side Effects

Now that you understand a little bit about Beyond Diet, you may be wondering, “Is the Beyond Diet program legitimate, and are there any side effects to worry about?” As the program is based on food journaling, peer support for weight loss, eating for metabolism, and following a healthy meal plan, there are no reported side effects. There is a possibility that some users could have a sensitivity or allergy to some of the foods suggested in the Beyond Diet recipe guide, but these can be substituted using the approved food list.

While there are many positive reviews by Beyond Diet users, some reviews contain complaints and criticism. For example, one Beyond Diet program review was concerned that meal tracking only worked for the Beyond Diet recipes, and not for everyday ingredients. Another review explained that the program was affordable, but the ingredients required for many recipes were expensive. Some users suggested that the program worked perfectly if you follow the basic steps for the one-time fee, but that there were too many ad-ons offered throughout membership.

Does Beyond Diet Work?

Part of the Beyond Diet program includes access to an online community for extra support. In a 2010 study, subjects reported encouragement, non-judgemental interactions, and other forms of support to be part of their success.

Beyond Diet uses meal planning, food journaling, metabolism testing, and community support to help users reach weight loss goals. While there are no specific studies on the Beyond Diet program, there is research which suggests that programs like Beyond Diet have the potential to be positive.

In a 2008 human study, researchers followed results of 1685 women, 79% of which were obese. Subjects were instructed to exercise moderately each week, record foods eaten in a journal, attend regular group meetings, and consume nearly 3 servings of fruit and vegetables per day. Findings suggested that the behavioral measures implemented in the test (journaling and exercise) were the main cause for success in subject weight loss.2 Journaling is part of phase-2 in the Beyond Diet 3-step plan.

Similar success was seen in a 2000 publication when researchers used a prepared meal plan to successfully reduce weight, improve blood pressure, improve glucose levels, and improve overall quality of life in 302 participants with hypertension, type 2 diabetes, or dyslipidemia.3 Beyond Diet doesn’t offer premade meals, but it does provide exact recipes as part of the program’s meal plan.

A 2010 human study focusing on the support of online weight loss communities found that subjects reported encouragement, motivation, recognition for success, and non-judgemental interactions as playing a role in weight loss success.4 Beyond Diet provides unlimited access to an online social network of peers and coaches.

Beyond Diet Reviews

Aside from the scientific foundations of the 3-step program, there are many Beyond Diet success stories circulating the internet. One reviewer from the Beyond Diet website expressed delight in the fact that her husband also eats the Beyond Diet approved foods with her, without complaint. Another said that the program doesn’t leave you hungry, and in fact, it can even seem like too much food, but it works.

How Much Does the Beyond Diet Cost?

The Beyond Diet program costs a one-time annual fee of $47 USD, which offers unlimited membership to recipes, advice from Beyond Diet coaches, and a community of online peers. Beyond Diet also offers what they call a “risk-free trial” for 60-days, after which participants may choose to cancel for a full refund, or continue with their subscription.

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