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Andro 400 Review – Ingredients, Side Effects, Results, Price & Where to Buy

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Andro 400

What is Andro 400? Andro 400 is an all-natural herbal supplement which claims to increase testosterone levels in both men and women for a variety of purposes including increased energy, improved strength decreased body fat, enhanced libido, improved immune system, and mental clarity. According to the manufacturer, Andro 400 is made in the U.S.A and has been the #1 selling natural testosterone booster on the market since 2004.1

Andro 400 testosterone booster is comprised solely of a natural herb, whereas its sister product Andro 400 max contains two additional amino acids.1 Unlike other Andro 400 reviews, Better Health Organization examines the science behind the Andro 400 formula, how to use it, side effects, cost and projected results.

Andro 400 reviews
Andro 400 ingredients in ever serving of Andro 400 testosterone booster

While many readers have speculated at different Andro 400 ingredients, this non-proprietary formula contains only one active ingredient.

Andro 400 Ingredients

Compared to a number of competitors, the list of Andro 400 ingredients is very short. In fact, the Andro testosterone booster formula only lists one active ingredient, Eurycoma Longifolia.

Eurycoma Longifolia: 150 mg – Rooted in traditional South East Asian medicine, Eurycoma Longifolia is a tall, slender shrub-like plant. The plant is claimed to have many medicinal benefits including elevation of serum testosterone and increased muscle strength, as well as enhanced energy and sexual virility. Eurycoma Longifolia has also traditionally been used as a natural anti-aging remedy.2

Leaves of the Eurycoma Longifolia plant are rich in a variety of potent medicinal compounds. In recent years, Eurycoma Longifolia has become known for its antimalarial, aphrodisiac, anti-diabetic, and antimicrobial properties, which have been demonstrated in a variety of clinical trials.6

Andro400 Directions

Each capsule of Andro 400 contains 150mg of Eurycoma Longifolia. According to the product’s label, the daily dose of Andro pills is two capsules, once per day, and is recommended for use in persons under 40 years old.

According to the Andro 400 website, there are ways to maximize the benefits one may obtain from the supplement. This includes ensuring consistent daily use for the first 90 days of supplementation, and making an effort to reduce stress, as stress hormones such as cortisol can inhibit testosterone production. A healthy diet and regular exercise could also increase the speed and magnitude of positive results when using Andro 400.1

Andro400 Side Effects & Complaints

Is Andro 400 safe? While it is currently difficult to find research on this product specifically, inquiry into its sole ingredient, Eurycoma Longifolia, indicates a long history of safe and effective use.2

Eurycoma Longifolia goes by many names; it has also been referred to as Malaysian ginseng, tongkat ali and even Malaysia’s “home-grown Viagra”.3

Andro 400 side effects are not well-reported, however, current research on the ingredient Eurycoma Longifolia indicates that it is safe to take in manufacturer suggested doses for up to 9 months. This natural herb also has a long history of safe use for a variety of purposes, especially in Asian cultures.6 While many positive reviews of this product can be found which credit Andro 400 with quick results, stress reduction, fat loss, and improved energy, there are some reviews which feature Andro 400 complaints, including reports of few noticeable improvements.

Despite its role as a natural testosterone-booster, Andro 400 claims to have benefits for both men and women alike. Because Andro400 is not a synthetic hormone supplement (it’s not adding testosterone to the body), it claims to not result in any of the side effects traditionally associated with increasing testosterone.1

According to the company website, Andro 400 for women may be just as effective as for men, however, the recommended dosage is different. It’s recommended that women start by taking just one capsule every day, or every other day.1

As with all supplements, pregnant or nursing women should consult with their healthcare practitioners prior to taking Andro 400.

Does Andro 400 Work?

Scientific studies on the active ingredient in Andro 400, Eurycoma Longifolia, suggest that this ancient remedy may be an effective approach to improving sexual health. In a 2014 clinical trial, 300mg was used in a formula to improve sexual performance in healthy men aged 4065. When taken for 12 weeks, researchers noted improved subjective libido scores and sexual performance, when compared to a control group.5

Andro 400 also claims to be beneficial for middle aged and older women who have lost testosterone and are seeking the benefits associated with testosterone supplementation.1 Scientific studies have confirmed that Eurycoma longifolifa may increase testosterone levels and muscle strength in older women after 5 weeks of supplementation.3,4

Ongoing research has also noted that Eurycoma longifolia may help protect the body from the effects of chronic stress and contribute to overall well-being.2

Does Andro400 work for weight loss? Research into the possibility of Andro400 weight loss revealed one scientific study that found Eurycoma longifolia to be particularly beneficial for weight loss assistance. In particular, mid-section fat loss in middle-aged individuals with sub-normal testosterone levels.3 As Andro400 is marketed to adults up to age 40, this research is promising for those hoping to shed excess fat with the assistance of Andro400.

Andro400 Reviews

Andro400 results appear to be positive based on customer reviews. According to the Andro 400 website, the supplement is most often used by and targeted towards younger men in their 20’s and 30’s, who are seeking extra energy for athletic pursuits.1 As is the case with any supplement, testimonial Andro400 reviews vary from individual to individual and is dependent on a variety of factors including health status at onset of supplementation, other medications or supplements in use, consistency and length of use.

Similarly, reported Andro400 pros and cons vary from person to person, but a number of Andro400 customer reviews mention how they like the simple, but effective formula. Customer before and after photos as well as individual Andro 400 reviews are available online.

Andro400 Price

Andro 400 cost varies depending on the amount purchased, ranging from $29.00-$22.50/bottle. For increased savings, users have the option to buy three bottles of Andro 400, which results in $15 in savings. There are even more discounts available for customers who wish to buy six or more bottles at once, or sign-up for an auto-ship program.

Where is Andro 400 for Sale?

For those wondering where to buy Andro 400, the product is sold exclusively online through the company’s website.1

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