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AMD Alpha Regain Review – Can Alpha Male Dynamics Really Help Treat Hair Loss?

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AMD Alpha Regain

Alpha Male Dynamics (AMD) is a hair growth supplement designed specifically for men suffering from hair loss. is natural hair supplement claims to prevent future hair loss, while promoting strengthened follicles and long-term regrowth with safe and natural ingredients.1

AMD Alpha Regain contains an exclusive proprietary SuperBiotin formula that provides essential nutrients for hair growth. AMD Alpha Regain is designed to promote ir thickening, regrowth, nourishment, and an overall enhanced appearance for men who are experiencing hair thinning issues or want to prevent future hair loss. 1

With four natural ingredients, Alpha Regain is marketed as a natural hair stimulating treatment that promotes cellular regeneration and nurtured hair without harmful chemicals or drugs. The manufacturer states Alpha Regain not only slows the progression of hair loss, but also rejuvenates dormant follicles for thicker hair and lasting results. AMD claims that te combination of key antioxidants helps promote follicle strength to prevent future hair loss while softening the hair and scalp.1

Alpha Male Dynamics provides various other products tailored to men’s health, including testosterone support, muscle building supplements, skin health, and total body hydration supplements. AMD promotes their supplements as ideal treatments for men who are seeking natural, yet effective supplements for optimized health and longevity.

But can these vitamins be the key to natural hair regrowth? In our unbiased, Alpha Male Dynamics review we evaluate the ingredients, possible side effects and effectiveness of this new hair regrowth supplement for men.

Alpha Male Dynamics review
AMD Alpha male Dynamics ingredients

With four natural ingredients, AMD Alpha Male Dynamics targets hair loss naturally, by increasing daily intake of critical B vitamins.

AMD Alpha Male Dynamics Ingredients

AMD Alpha Male Dynamics contains a proprietary blend of ingredients designed to support hair growth. Below, Better Health Organization takes a look at some of the key ingredients of Alpha Male Dynamics Hair Regain, including biotin, niacin, vitamin A and E, which are believed to support hair health.1 Using the latest scientific research, we take a look at the potential effect of these key vitamins for improving hair growth in men experiencing hair thinning, male pattern baldness, or receding hairlines.

Niacin: Niacin, or vitamin B3, is an essential nutrient for normal hair growth and has been observed to dilate blood vessels and increase blood circulation throughout the body. A dietary deficiency in B vitamins, such as niacin, has been associated with symptoms including hair loss.2 Increased niacin intake is thought to nourish the scalp and hair follicles to stimulate hair growth.3

Biotin supplements have been shown to help combat hair loss and balding symptoms caused from conditions such as androgenic alopecia in men.4,5

Biotin: Otherwise known as vitamin B7, biotin is another important water-soluble B vitamin. Using biotin for hair growth is not a new discovery. In the body, biotin is involved in protein synthesis and keratin production, making it a popular ingredient in hair and nail supplements.4

Vitamin A: Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin with antioxidant properties that has been claimed to stimulate hair follicle production and promote blood circulation, further promoting hair regeneration.6,7 By inducing the development of the anagen (hair growth) phase of the hair cycle, increased vitamin A supplementation may improve cellular processes that support hair growth over time.8

Vitamin E: Vitamin E is an antioxidant that promotes cellular regeneration, and may help protect the hair from damage.9 While ongoing studies are still documenting the effect of isolated vitamin E supplements on hair regrowth stimulation, a preliminary study has noted that individuals who exhibited hair thinning and hair loss symptoms experienced a significant increase in hair growth with vitamin E supplementation.3

Directions for AMD Hair Regain Treatment

According to the AMD Alpha Regain label, users should take two capsules, once daily. It’s recommended to continue using the product for several weeks before results are noticeable.

Alpha Male Dynamics Side Effects

As Alpha Male Dynamics Hair Regain treatment uses a proprietary blend, individual doses are not disclosed. This make it difficult for consumers to assess the effectiveness and potential side effects of this product. While the Alpha Male Dynamics Hair Regain website states side effects are rare for individual users, minor side effects are possible.1 The website does not provide further information on possible adverse reactions. After some investigation, Better Health Organization has compiled possible side effects users may occur when taking Alpha Male Dynamics.

Side effects of ingesting 50 mg or more of niacin may include face redness or flushing, nausea, diarrhea, headache, stomach irritation or bloating.12  Over-supplementation of vitamin A has been linked to adverse skin, vision, and bone side effects.11

Does Alpha Male Dynamics Hair Work?

Alpha Male Dynamics hair reviews are listed on the company website, with users claiming Alpha Regain noticeable results around two to three months of supplementation. Below, we take a look at the latest studies and AMD Hair Regain reviews to determine the efficacy of these key vitamins on hair growth.

For men dealing with male pattern baldness, receding hairlines, or brittle hair, there is research that supports increasing key vitamins may help balance nutrient deficiencies and alleviate hair loss symptoms.2,3 A combination of both biotin and niacin has been proven effective in treating male patients exhibiting hair loss, with a 60% improvement rate among male patients.11

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that supports cellular functions throughout the body.9

In one study, supplementing with 100 mg of vitamin E supplements was shown to have positive results for men who already showed signs of hair thinning.9 Vitamin A has also been noted to help promote hair follicle regeneration with patients exhibiting hair loss, however ongoing research is needed to determine if these vitamins and minerals prevent future hair thinning and loss.6,8

Where to Buy AMD Hair Regain

Currently, AMD Hair Regain is only available through the AMD website. For the price of shipping and handling, users can receive a 30-day supply of Alpha Male Dynamics to try before deciding if they want to continue using the product. It’s recommended not to purchase AMD Hair Regain through third-party sellers such as Amazon or Ebay, as these products have already been purchased by other customers and are being re-sold.

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