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Alpha Muscle Complex Review – Ingredients, Side Effects & More

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Alpha Muscle Complex: What Is It?

Alpha Muscle Complex is marketed as a natural dietary supplement strategically formulated to improve workouts and recovery time, increase muscle mass, and improve hormone production. Alpha Complex pills claim to increase muscle mass by 23% in only 7 days, and 57% in just one month. The basis for these claims is by elevating levels of free testosterone. The bump in testosterone is also supposed to help improve your sex drive and stamina.10

In this unbiased, unsponsored review, we look deeper into the ingredients included in Alpha Muscle Complex and discuss the science behind them, as well as how to use and if the product really works.

Alpha Muscle Complex reviews – does Alpha Muscle Complex work?

Alpha Muscle Complex is a muscle builder that claims to build muscle mass as well as boost sex drive and stamina.

Alpha Muscle Complex ingredients and side effects

There are nine active ingredients in the Alpha Muscle Complex proprietary blend, which includes natural herbs like horny goat weed and Tongkat Ali.

Alpha Muscle Complex Ingredients

Alpha Muscle Complex is made using a proprietary blend of ingredients. The formula has a total of nine active ingredients, made up of a combination of natural herbs with a basis in traditional medicine, and minerals.

Calcium (calcium carbonate): 44.28 mg – Calcium is an essential mineral required for a healthy, functioning body. Calcium deficiencies can lead to hormonal imbalances, which can negatively affect sex drive and erectile functions. Continual research has shown calcium may be a promising solution for men who suffer with erectile dysfunction.11,12

Flow Viv MAX-TEST Blend: 1484 mg

Horny Goat Weed Extract – In Chinese medicine, Horny goat weed is used predominantly as a sexual stimulant and aphrodisiac for men. More recent research has shown that this herb does have positive effects on arterial and cavernous blood pressure, making it a promising herb for ED.1

Tongkat Ali Extract – Also known as “Malaysian Ginseng” and by its scientific name, Eurycoma longifolia, Tongkat Ali Extract has been traditionally used to help combat stress as well as improve strength and as an aphrodisiac.2 Preliminary studies have shown it to be useful in elevating testosterone levels in men experiencing late-onset hypogonadism.2

Saw Palmetto Extract- Saw Palmetto Extract is commonly used in the treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). Studies have shown promising results using saw palmetto to treat the symptom of enlarged prostates and sexual dysfunctions such as lack of sex drive and erectile difficulties.3

Orchic Substance: This substance is used predominantly in male enhancing supplements in Chinese medicine. It is a compound consisting of ground bovine testicles, and it is believed to provide the body with testosterone.4

Sarsaparilla is not the same as Indian Sarsaparilla, which is featured prominently in Ayurveda. The two herbs belong to two completely different families.4, 14

Wild Yam extract: This extract is recognized for its diosgenin content. Diosgenin is used to synthesize cortisone and other synthetic steroid products.5 There have been studies done to see if yam extract can help increase DHEA levels, but research is still ongoing.6

Sarsaparilla: Traditionally used in Chinese medicine as an aphrodisiac, it’s thought that this root stimulates sexual responses and reverses impotence in men.4 While anecdotal evidence confirms its effectiveness, scientific research is needed to very its medicinal qualities.

Nettle Extract: In conjunction with Saw palmetto extract, nettle extract is also used to treat symptoms of BPH.13 Research has shown nettle extract to have potential benefits for reducing inflammation in the prostate gland that influences sexual health issues.15

Boron: This compound is known for its anti-inflammatory properties.8 Such an element is beneficial for bodybuilders and individuals that work out excessively as strenuous exercise can cause inflammation of the muscles.8

How to Use Alpha Muscle Complex

According to the Alpha Muscle Complex directions, individuals are advised to take two caplets by mouth 1-2 times per day. Consumers are encouraged not to take more than the recommended dose.

Pregnant, nursing mothers, individuals with medical conditions, and those under 18 are instructed not to consume this product. If you have an existing medical condition, it is also advised that a physician is contacted before use.

Alpha Complex Side Effects

Although marketed as a natural product, Alpha Muscle Complex has the potential for side effects. According to a scientific review, sexual enhancement drugs that included horny goat weed extract were reported alongside psychological symptoms, including mood changes, anxiety, hallucinations, and addictive behaviors. As the direct cause of symptoms was not pinpointed, the authors urge for more research to be done on similar products and their ingredients.7

It has also been reported that stinging nettle can potentially elevate and lower blood sugar levels.9 Individuals with diabetes should monitor their sugar levels, and seek the advice of their physician before using this product.10 Persons with kidney or bladder issues are encouraged to speak with their doctor due to the diuretic effect ascribed to this herb.9

Does Alpha Muscle Complex Work?

While there are no studies on Alpha Muscle Complex specifically, user reports have been very positive. Many of the ingredients used have a basis in traditional medicine, as well as promising evidence to support muscle building and sexual dysfunction.

Horny goat weed is used in many male enhancement products, and animal studies have shown improvement in arterial and cavernous pressure in the genital area of rats when tested.1

While calcium is famous for helping build strong bones and teeth, research demonstrates it may also help with erectile dysfunction.

Tongkat Ali and calcium both show promise in effectively raising testosterone levels in men, and ongoing calcium research shows it to be a potential treatment for erectile dysfunction.2, 11, 12

Saw Palmetto and Nettle extract are commonly used to help treat BPH, alleviating some of the symptoms that can cause sexual dysfunction, such as prostate inflammation.3, 15

While you may not see a 27% increase in muscle mass in just one week, based on the ingredients used in the product, it is likely that Alpha Muscle Complex may help with workout results and sexual function.

Alpha Muscle Complex Reviews

Alpha muscle complex results seem to be quite profound. Consumers state they have seen results in three weeks, such as weight loss, improved muscle mass and definition. Happy users have proclaimed this supplement to be the best muscle-building supplement on the market.

Where to Buy Alpha Muscle Complex

This supplement is only available online and can only be purchased from the official Alpha Muscle Complex website. It cannot be purchased in any retail stores like Wal-Mart or GNC, and is hard to find on other online retailers like Amazon or eBay.

Alpha Muscle Complex Price

For the cost of shipping and handling, individuals can take advantage of a trial offer to receive a 30-day supply to try. This trial allows consumers to try out the supplement before deciding if it right for them.

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