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Alpha Monster Review: Results, Side Effects, Ingredients & Where to Buy

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Alpha Monster

Looking to increase muscle mass and take your workout to the next level?

Alpha Monster Advanced is one of the latest supplements on the market today promising to boost lean muscle mass, enhance hormone production, and cut recovery time. Made in the U.S.A, Alpha Monster Advanced contains natural ingredients in a convenient, portable format that is distributed by Alpha Monster Advanced Products.

But with a proprietary blend featuring bizarre, ancient ingredients and no official company website, can Alpha Monster really make you a monster in the gym? Or just give you a monster headache? Find out in our Alpha Monster review.

Alpha Monster Reviews and where to buy alpha monster
Alpha Monster Supplements Facts, does alpha monster really work?

With most ingredients based in traditional medicine, is the Flow Viv proprietary blend backed by scientific research?

Alpha Monster Ingredients

Although Alpha Monster uses a proprietary blend, below we’ll discuss how these ingredients may work to improve male health and overall body composition.

Calcium: 44.28 mg – Known for its role in maintaining strong and healthy bones, calcium also plays a critical role in muscle contraction. Additionally, calcium aids hormone secretion and nerve functioning.2,3

Preliminary human studies show that tongkat ali may enhance testosterone levels and slightly improve symptoms of erectile dysfunction.4

Tongkat Ali Extract – A natural aphrodisiac, tongkat ali has been traditionally used in Malaysia and Ayurvedic medicine to boost energy and increase libido.4

Saw Palmetto Extract –  An herbal product, saw palmetto has been taken to improve low sex drive, hair loss and reduce urinary symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate (benign prostatic hyperplasia).5

Orchic Substance –  Sourced from cattle testicles, orchic substance is claimed by proponents to be an excellent source of nutrients that support human testosterone growth.6

Wild Yam Extract – Particular yam species contain a compound called diosgenin, a plant-based estrogen that acts similar to the hormone in the body.7 Wild yam has been used as an alternative treatment to hormone therapy and claimed to enhance libido, increase energy and lower high cholesterol. In laboratories, diosgenin can be converted into steroids.7

Sarsaparilla – Sarsaparilla is a tropical plant that has been traditionally used as a stimulant and aphrodisiac. Emerging research indicates sarsaparilla may have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and analgesic properties that may improve overall wellness.8

Nettle Extract – Commonly known as stinging nettle, this plant extract has traditionally been taken to relieve sore muscles, improve male health and has been used an alternative therapy for alleviating symptoms of an enlarged prostate. Nettle extract is believed to contain anti-inflammatory properties.9

Boron – In recent years, boron has been claimed to aid muscle building, improve cognitive function, support bone growth and increase testosterone. Preliminary studies suggest that boron does have some effect on hormone activity.10,11

How to Use Alpha Monster

According to the label, users should take two Alpha Monster pills, 1-2 times daily. Each bottle should last about 30 days.

Alpha Monster Side Effects

Interestingly, the Alpha Monster website does not list any potential side effects users may experience. To keep our readers informed, Better Health has compiled a list of potential side effects based upon the latest scientific research.

While calcium is thought to be well-tolerated by people of all ages, it may cause mild side effects in some. These may include gastrointestinal discomfort such as gas, bloating and constipation.2,3 In the body, stinging nettle may cause minor fluid retention and sweating. In rare cases, stinging nettle may cause a skin rash to develop.9 Saw palmetto may cause mild side effects such as abdominal cramping or headaches for some users.8

According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, people with existing kidney problems or conditions should avoid taking supplements with boron as the kidneys must work harder to flush boron out of the body.10

Does Alpha Monster Work?

Below, BHO breaks down the latest research to establish if Alpha Monster’s claims are scientifically-backed.

Most of the ingredients used in Alpha Monster’s proprietary formula, have been used in traditional medicine, where they are often combined with other ingredients to make complex compounds. While this comprehensive approach may benefit some, without well-designed, peer-reviewed studies it’s difficult to understand how they work.

Preliminary research shows some promise for tongkat ali, although studies have predominately focused on elderly or infertile men.12 In vitro studies also indicate the herb has strong anti-estrogen effects.14 Supplementing with boron may also reduce estrogen levels. In a 6-day study, supplementing with 10 mg of boron was observed to reduce estrogen levels in healthy males aged 18-25. Free testosterone increased in 75% of males in the study. In men with enlarged prostates, stinging nettle has had some success as an alternative treatment. Emerging evidence indicates that it may be beneficial for overall prostate health.9

Alpha Monster Reviews

Online, there are a growing number of positive Alpha Monster reviews. Many customers report seeing improvements in their physique and recovery time, when Alpha Monster is combined with a healthy diet and consistent workout routine. Alpha Monster before and after photos show significant progress for some users, who note increased energy levels and satisfaction with their results.

Where to Buy Alpha Monster Advanced

Currently, Alpha Monster is available exclusively online and customers can order Alpha Monster supplements directly through the distributor website.

Alpha Monster Advanced supplements may also be sold on sites such as Amazon or Ebay. However, these products have already been purchased by other individuals and are being resold. BHO encourages users to exercise caution when purchasing pre-owned supplements as they could potentially be expired or tampered with.

Alpha Monster Price

For the price of shipping and handling, new customers receive a full 30-day supply of the product, and can try it before deciding if they would like to continue using it.

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