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If your product is already within our database, please allow us up to 10 business days to complete the entry. For liability reasons and to avoid misleading customers, when you display our seal, it must contain a working link to betterhealthorganization.com to inform consumers what criteria you satisfied to obtain the seal.

warning iconSeal Usage and Restrictions: After you have successfully become accredited with BHO, We will grant you a non-exclusive, non transferrable, one-way license to use the accreditation seal in your marketing materials, on product packaging or on your website. Under no circumstances is an accreditation seal to be used in any manner that insinuates any type of partnership or relationship between you and BHO, past, present or ongoing. When you choose to display your accreditation seal in digital materials, it must contain a working link to betterhealthorganization.com in order to provide consumers with more information about the seal, and how the seal was obtained.  For your convenience, the code for this seal can be found at betterhealthorganization.com/accreditation-seal

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