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does the 3 day military diet work plus easy substitutions for the military diet plan

Calorie restriction and intermittent are two methods used in the 3 Day Military Diet. Intermittent fasting has been shown to reduce body weight by up to 8%.4

3 Day Military Diet

Hailed as one of the most effective diets, the Military Diet Plan has taken the health and nutrition world by storm. Claimed to help users engage rapid weight loss and lose up to 10 pounds in one week, the Military Diet Plan does not use pills or diet supplements. The diet is free for anyone to use and is promoted as a quick way to lose weight for an upcoming special event. The website outlines the diet as being simple and easy to follow, using natural foods that you can purchase in any grocery store.1

Is the Military diet too good to be true? In this review we’ll look closely at the diet plan, including how it works, meal plans, and substitutions for dietary restrictions. We’ll also look at some 3 Day Military Diet success stories and reviews to see just how effective this diet plan is.

Who Created the Military Diet?

The 3 Day Military Diet was not created by the military, nor is it officially used by members of the military for weight loss. Rather, the term “military” is used in reference to the theory that you’ll need discipline to stick with the diet plan.5

Military Diet Plan

The 3 Day Military Diet Plan works by restricting caloric intake. For each of three days, less than 1000 calories are consumed. For these three days, even without exercise, the concept is that you’ll burn more calories than you eat.

The diet plan uses a restricted list of foods and is followed for three days, with the next four days being days off the plan. The only restriction for these four days is that you consume less than 1500 calories. The plan is then repeated. A 1500 calorie diet plan is available, giving you options of food choices so that you can stay within the calorie limit.1

Light exercise, such as walking for 20 minutes, is encouraged during the 3 Day Military Diet.5

The 3 Day Military Diet menu is specific to certain foods, so the calorie counting is already done for users. A 3 Day Military Diet shopping list can be made so that you can purchase all the foods you’re going to be eating prior to starting the diet. The goal is to make the diet plan as easy to follow as possible.

Diet menu plans for the 3 Day diet are listed below. There are food substitutions that you can make to personalize the diet to your own specific tastes and diet restrictions.

Military Diet Day 1

Breakfast – ½ grapefruit, 1 slice of toast, 2 Tbsp. peanut butter, 1 cup coffee or tea (with caffeine)

Lunch – ½ cup tuna, 1 slice of toast, 1 cup coffee or tea (with caffeine)

Dinner – 3 oz. any type of meat, 1 cup of green beans, ½ banana, 1 small apple, 1 cup vanilla ice cream

Military Diet Day 2

Breakfast – 1 egg, 1 slice of toast, ½ banana

Lunch – 1 cup cottage cheese, 1 hard boiled egg, 5 saltine crackers

Dinner – 2 hot dogs (without bun), 1 cup broccoli, ½ cup carrots, ½ banana, ½ cup vanilla ice cream

Stevia is the only artificial sweetener that can be used during the 3 Day Military Diet plan.5

Military Diet Day 3

Breakfast – 5 saltine crackers, 1 slice cheddar cheese, 1 small apple

Lunch – 1 hard boiled egg, 1 slice toast

Dinner – 1 cup tuna, ½ banana, 1 cup vanilla ice cream

Military Diet 4 Days Off

For each of the four days off the menu plan, users are instructed to keep their calorie intake at 1500 or less.1,5 This helps maintain any weight loss that occurred over the three days.

The 3 Day military diet menu including military day 1 and 3 Day Military diet substitutions

Wondering what to east on the Military Diet Plan? Print off this easy-to-follow planner for Military Diet Day 1, 2 and 3.

3 Day Military Diet Substitutions

Substitutions are allowed on the Military diet to accommodate all dietary options while still staying within a list of restricted foods to reduce calorie intake. This includes substitutions for people who simply have a preference of one food over another, as well as those people who have diet restrictions.


½ grapefruit – ½ teaspoon baking soda in water
1 slice of toast – ½ cup whole grain cereal, or ½ high protein bar, or ¼ cup yogurt with ½ teaspoon flax seeds
2 Tbsp. peanut butter – same amount of almond, cashew, pumpkin, or soy butters.
½ banana – 2 kiwis, or 2 apricots, or 2 plums
1 cup coffee or tea – 1 cup green tea
1 cup cottage cheese – 1 cup plain Greek yogurt
1 hard boiled egg – 1 avocado
5 saltine crackers – rice cakes
2 hot dogs – turkey dogs, or soy dogs
1 cup ice cream – 1 cup dairy free ice cream, or 1 cup fruit flavored yogurt

A full substitution list is available on the Military diet website. There is also a 3 Day Military Diet vegetarian version of the diet available, which includes vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options.6

Does the 3 Day Military Diet Work?

Military Diet weight loss is based on burning more calories each day than the number of calories that is consumed. Does the Military diet work? With the 3 Day Military diet, calories are restricted, leading to fast weight loss in a short period of time. Studies show that diets that are calorie reduced will result in weight loss. When the body is given less fuel, it will lose weight and body fat.2

The Military diet is high in protein, such as peanut butter, eggs, and tuna. Research shows that weight loss is more efficient when a high-protein diet is eaten. Protein-rich diets tend to be more satisfying and filling, helping people to stick to their weight loss program.3

Given that the two main concepts of the Military diet are low calorie and high protein meals, people who follow the plan may experience positive 3 Day Military results.

Is the 3 Day Military Diet Safe?

With any diet plan, there is the potential for side effects. However, the 3 Day Military Diet is promoted as a short-term solution for quick weight loss, not a long-term food plan.

It’s important to note that limiting calories can be considered a method of fasting, where the body is restricted to consuming low numbers of calories. Studies have shown that intermittent fasting is both safe and beneficial for weight loss. For the Military Diet to succeed, it’s important that on the four days off the menu plan, calorie consumption doesn’t exceed 1500. Otherwise, the weight loss effects may not be successful.4

3 Day Military Diet Reviews

There are many positive reviews online for the Military diet. After following the diet for just one month, users report remarkable weight loss results, as much as 30 pounds for some people. Followers have reported the diet plan is easy to follow, with the meal plans leaving little room for guesswork when it comes to what to eat.

More than one 3 Day Military Diet review has noted increased weight loss when they paired the diet with a consistent workout routine. Others however, find it difficult to exercise during this reduced caloric intake.

3 Day Military Diet before and after pictures show significant results for people who have followed the food plan for up to two months. Many people say that the Military diet website gave them all the information they needed to start losing weight and answered any questions they had about the diet plan.

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