Vaping Deaths – Vested interest or sincere health concern?

Recently a debate about the safety of vaping has erupted in the U.S after the death of 6 people were attributed to vaping. There were immediate calls for bans and the reaction could be summed up in a single picture…

What was not reported was about the deaths and the 450 health cases in the U.S is that nearly all of them can be attributed to people using illicit vaping fluid, usually home-made or bought off the street and some containing THC or worse. This isn’t a case of someone replacing their nicotine with a cotton candy flavoured vape, but people pushing the envelope too far chasing a high.
The response looks even more hysterical when you look further into the data with cigarette smoking and vaping. Comparing the two you find:

  • 3 chemicals in vaping compared to over 4800 in cigarettes which include chemicals used in batteries, poisons and prison executions (hydrogen cyanide).
  • 6 Deaths (with incorrect use) for vaping compares to 6 million per year worldwide for cigarettes.
  • 0 carcinogens (cancer causing substances) in vaping compared to 60 in cigarettes.

It looks like the recent news stories won’t affect the growth of vaping. We spoke with Adam Driver, the CEO of about the controversy. “I haven’t seen any slow down in sales or even any emails asking about the deaths”. When asked if he thought vaping was safe he responded “absolutely and not just because I am in the industry. We specialise in pods which are disposable cartridges, manufactured to the highest standards by reputable U.S companies. The vaping liquid cannot be altered or messed around with like what happened in the U.S”.
Vaping though is a relatively new technology and as such there isn’t many long term studies into the health effects. As a direct comparison to legal cigarettes however the health benefits are obvious and as the results from the UK become clearer it is expected to be more widely adopted as a stop smoking health policy throughout the world.