Is Canned Chicken Healthy? Find Out Some Surprising Truths

healthy canned chickenOver the course of human history, there have been many thousands of inventions and discoveries that have helped civilization reach new levels by eliminating diseases and feeding people that are hungry.

However, many innovations that were good at the time eventually turned out to have their own unhealthy side effects.  Ancient humans learned how to salt foods to preserve it and avoid famine, but the incredibly high salt content wasn’t good for them either.

In much the same way, canning foods enabled many populations that lived in northern climates to avoid hunger over the long winters but also had some drawbacks as well. Here are some of the factors to consider when choosing canned foods.


Some Cans Are Lined With Toxic Plastics

When you choose your foods at the local grocery store, you may start by reading the label to see what’s included with your food inside the can.

The first problem that you may see is a high salt content, which is very common in many canned foods. If you throw out the liquid that comes with your green beans or corn and rinse the vegetables before cooking, you may be able to avoid much of the salt content.

Some foods, like canned chicken, will be impossible to rinse like green beans and you may not be able to avoid the high salt content.

But what about the plastic liner that comes in most cans, most of the time it’s not listed on the label. Yet, it could be leaching a large amount of BPA which has been found to cause lots of various diseases like breast cancer.  A substitute chemical called BPS has also been discovered to be harmful as well.

Many Other Food Packaging Chemicals Are Suspicious

There are literally thousands of different chemicals that are used in food packaging and,  many of them are thought to be harmful. Some may cause cancer, other developmental problems in children, and still, others are known neurotoxins in larger amounts.

There is also a theory that many of the plastics release what are called obesogens that could be causing some of the obesity problems with society.

Then there are the chemicals the could be causing problems with our unborn children at their most vulnerable stages, in the womb. These could be the causes of autism, celiac disease, or metabolic diseases; there are ongoing studies.

Is Canned Chicken Healthy or Not?

healthy chicken

There is almost no way that any food that has been canned will be as nutritionally sound as fresh food would be. If you’re only going to eat canned foods occasionally, you probably have very little to worry about; your dose will be very small.

You should endeavor to eat all foods in their most natural state as possible. That means buying from the produce department, bulk grains area, fresh meats and then fresh dairy. Almost every single food that has been processed has had something added to it you’d most likely want to avoid.

Everyone should learn to read labels on all the products they buy. You won’t have to read them every time since you’ll get used to the products that you’ve bought in the past.

Most fresh food items won’t have a label, like produce and meats but you should always check to make sure that antibiotics, salt water, and flavor enhancers aren’t being added to even the fresh meats that you buy.

Luckily many of our lawmakers are taking the time to put laws on the books to require labels to include any and all toxic exposures in all of the foods we buy.

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